Tuesday, October 26, 2010


"From morning till night, sounds drift from the kitchen, most of them familiar and comforting... On days when warmth is the most important need of the human heart, the kitchen is the place you can find it; it dries the wet sock, it cools the hot little brain."

~ E.B. White

A day at the lake
(Hint of a rainbow and remains of the day)

Autumn glory

~ So easy, so comforting, so good

5 lbs. lean beef stew meat, in 1-inch cubes
6 onions (med) cut into wedges
12 carrots, sliced in big chunks
2 (28 oz.) cans tomatoes (one diced and one stewed)
2 cups chopped celery
2 heaping tbsp. brown sugar
2 tbsp. salt
6 tbsp. minute tapioca
1 cup seasoned breadcrumbs

  • Mix all together and bake at 325 degrees for 4 hours.

Note: Thanks Kelly for sharing the delicious and now favorite family recipe.

'Cooling the brain'


Kala said...

Love the autumn collage and yummy sounding recipe for autumn stew.

Cat said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous photography!!

Rick said...

Great autumn collages joey ! I think my favourite is the centre photo of the first collage - absolutely stunning colours and beautiful light ! Not that there's ANYthing wrong with the others - they too are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Joey, As you well know, I am rarely to be found in the kitchen so the only sounds emanating from there tend to come from Mrs N who ' comes and does'. She is the doyenne of the Maida Vale kitchen but, sadly, rarely is there to be any comfort to be found in her East End tones.

However, a drink by the fireside to 'cool the brain', that is certainly my cup of tea [ or glass of gin].

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Joey girl those photos were PERFECT
I have yet to learn how to create collages .. but I so loved yours because they are AUTUMN beauties!
Now that stew .. it is so simple that even I should be able to make it without going OOPS!!! haha
Perfect post for wrapping up October .. I'll be sad to see it go but that is the progression of our lives isn't it, season to season .. thank heavens for loads and loads of pictures to remind us how beautiful each one was ? LOL
Joy : )

donna said...

I've already copied and pasted the stew recipe. Sounds soooo much easier than my own recipe and will probably be even tastier.

My hot little brain needs cooling off, so I shall spend the morning in the kitchen.

Gorgeous photos, as always.


Nutty Gnome said...

Beautiful collages as usual Joey - and that recipe sounds lovely......even though tapioca reminds me of disgusting school puddings when I was about 7!!!

D said...

Joey, what kind of recipe is that?! One that I have to try, of course. How beautifully simple; if you like it, then it must be great. Thanks, and too for the images you shared of the lake.

Shirley said...

Joey, I love your collages! Great composition.

joey said...

Thank you, Kala. I think I captured the last of the colorful leaves at the lake since I heard yesterday's strong winds stripped most trees bare.

How kind, Whimsical. Thank you.

Thanks Rick. I pulled off the road on the way to the lake to capture the amazing rainbow that almost disappeared by the time I grabbed my camera. Don't you love autumn skies!

Dearest Edith. How fun to sit by the fire and listen to your delightful stories, even more colorful with a glass of gin :)

Thank you, Joy. How true and beautiful life is, especially looking back at each precious season. With snow on the ground and the lake frozen, this collage would look quite different!

Thanks Donna. I love rich stew and have posted several. Shared by my daughter's dear friend who prepared it for us in her home, this easy, delicious stew quickly became a family favorite.

Thanks Nutty. The tapioca is only a thickener and looses itself in the tasty stew. I know what you mean and remember well the taste of nasty school lunchroom pudding that the nuns insisted we finish lest we waste food :)

joey said...

Hi Di. Looks like your comment got stuck in blogger after I posted. Trust me, this is an easy stew recipe. I have many more posted, much more labor intensive. No browning required here. Simply mix ingredients, throw into the oven, and enjoy hours of good smells while its cooking. Sound good :)

Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings said...

Mmmm, sounds good and pretty healthy too. Beautiful photos too. Happy end of fall Joey. It's coming soon.~~Dee

What Karen Sees said...

Your fall colors are so beautiful! I think yesterday was our last real fall day. This morning we woke up to snow, and what a difference a day makes from the shots I took yesterday for 'Tech Talk Tuesday'. I just had to post the snow shot taken in the same spot this morning.

Now for that recipe. Perfect timing for me on such a cold, snowy day. But I have to make sure I don't mess it up. Is the first ingredient 5 lbs of raw beef stew meat or 5 lbs of canned beef stew??????

joey said...

Thanks, Dee. Yes, where did fall go :( Let's hope November is kind :)

Yes, what a difference a day makes, Karen! I just returned from viewing your beautiful snow photo, the first I've seen this season. We have been known to have a serious snow accumulation in October too but so far so good. And yes, good, lean, cubed, raw beef ... am changing it now ... thanks (what was I thinking ... written as given to me :)

imac said...

Wow, just beautiful.

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Everything looks so green here compared to your Autumn foliage! Beef stew is just perfect on these cool fall evenings. I just made a huge pot on Monday with pearl barley and butternut squash. The tapioca sounds intriguing though, I'll have to try that next time in place of the barley!

Kylee Baumle said...

Hi Joey! I love the middle photo in the first collage! They're all great, but I especially like that one. The stew sounds yummy and just right for the fall weather we've been having.

joey said...

Thanks, iMac :)

Sounds perfect, Clare. I love butternut squash that landed in my last batch of autumn soup :) Visiting your colorful world enriches my life and why it's fun to share. The only chickens in my life are my children/grandchildren (that's what we call them)!

Hi, Kylee, and thank you. It was an awesome moment that I wish I captured properly. Dah, driving, I slammed on brakes ... Mr. Ho-Hum grabbed the camera ... battery dead ... so hunted for other camera and by the time I shot, the fleeting rainbow was evaporating :( Such is life ... but the day/weekend was grand!

Anonymous said...

Your fall shots are fabulous!

sweetbay said...

Autumn glory indeed!

joey said...

Thanks kcjewel ... the subject matter was there for the taking ;)

Though winding down, autumn has indeed been glorious, sweetbay. Thank you.

The Idiot said...

I like the sound of that stew. I'd probably add a couple of anchovies to intensify the sauce, but otherwise it sounds good to go.

I'm currently trying to lose some weight, so this hasn't really helped, but if it tastes as good as it should, then who cares?

Gail said...

Joey, What a lovely country road drive~ a fantastic destination, views, a great dinner and a cozy fire~You know how to celebrate life~xxoogail

Anonymous said...

Joey...your collages are absolutely wonderful! I've always loved your Hubbard lake photos. Sunrise, sunsets...they're all so stunning!

The stew sounds delicious!! Your last photo looks most inviting!:>))

joey said...

Hi IG. There are certainly worse thing to eat on a diet! Go ahead and enjoy :) For a heartier stew you might enjoy my posted Beef Carbonnade with sweet caramelized onions and dark beer.

Thank you, Gail, for the kind thought on celebrating life. As an old-timer at the lake once answered when asked about his favorite time of year ... "Every day, every season at Hubbard Lake is a gift." xxoo

Hi, dear Kanak, and thank you. Glad you enjoy visiting the lake with me. We are blessed to have such a delightful year-round getaway.

Rose said...

Such lovely collages, Joey. The quote reminds me of being a child--we had an old oil stove in the kitchen, and during winter you'd find it covered with drying clothes. It was a great place to warm up jammies on a cold winter's night, too:)

I haven't made beef stew in ages--I'm going to copy this recipe right now! Sounds perfect for this chilly October day.

joey said...

Thank you, Rose. I loved your memory. I too warmed jammies and clothes on an oil stove before walking to school ... we had no heat in the bedrooms :) I wondered how Santa could come down the pipes but he always did. Sox, hung on open side doors, were stuffed with oranges, nuts, and always a new coloring book. I've come a long way! Do try the stew ... it's so easy and perfect for a chilly day!

Unknown said...

A rich and joyous day, Joey. Glad the weather has settled down a bit (or had...hope I didn't jinx it) so that you could enjoy the bliss of nature's beauty. The stew sounds amazing. When the temperature drops again (it's abnormally mild today), this will be a great hit.

P O T A G E R said...

Oh my, Joey. Those images make my heart hurt they are so beautiful. Or maybe it's my envy giving me heartburn...

joey said...

The winds finally died down ... one of the craziest fronts to pass through in years. I now know how you feel, jodi. Am alone ... the evening too is quiet ... bliss :)

Fun to hear from you, Linda ... love your sense of humor :)

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Love all the photos, esp. the stretch of wet road!

joey said...

Thanks, Monica. It was a very awesome ride, the sun flirting with us in between rain. Wish I had a better capture of the rainbow :(