Monday, May 04, 2009


"To a certain extent we raise a garden as we might a child,
putting in the seed,
nourishing it and gathering nourishment from it,
pruning and weeding its growth,
protecting it, loving it, worrying over it."

Early May Garden


Anonymous said...

I've been wanting to get by here for days now. I was super busy this weekend as we celebrated my b-day. It's hard to get my whole gang together.

I'm still tweaking my hairdo. It was dramatic but I love it. It's not always fixed like the photo on my blog of course. That was me all doodied up with eyelashes and all.

Your garden is looking so grand. Love that outdoor porch. I enlarged both photos and saw a real formal cottagy look to it all.

I've missed you so let me look around a bit. Hmmm what's new?

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

We take it fun places, fill it with sugar and caffeine, and then return it to its parents? (HA! I only "raised" a niece and nephew and furry things, not kids.)

Rose said...

A perfect analogy, Joey! Although I wonder, if I ever "finish" my garden, will it then be independent and take care of itself?:)

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Joey, your photos are gorgeous as always. Love the vivid tulips. I have some just opening that look like they may be red or orange. I'm embarrassed to tell you I don't remember what I planted;) Oh well, it will be a nice, bright surprise.

Connie said...

So true. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos!!

Jarlin said...

Excellent photos...thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Your spring garden is so lovely! Thanks for sharing some longer shots of your beautiful garden, I've only seen closeups and it's good to see it overall!

joey said...

Crazed here, Anna, and thanks for popping over. My May is like your April ... need I say more!

Happy, happy, happy Birthday, dear Anna! I've missed YOU in my crazy life that seems to get crazier!

You're on, Monica! Often great advice comes from those who have not had children :)

The laugh of the day, dear Rose, and a wonderous thought!

With your eye behind the lens, know the mystery tulip shoot will be stunning, Marnie!

Hello dear Connie and thank you ... good well wishes!

Thanks Jarlin ... keep us all motivated!

Hi Robin and thanks ... I have many shots following the seasons of my perennial garden, often focusing in on maco ... stopping for the moment in awe.

marmee said...

i agree with finch it is like having children in the garden...watching them grow...taking care to nuture. i love doing it. beautiful garden joey.

Shady Gardener said...

Joey, You have a Beautiful view out your windows!! And a wonderful place in which to escape, reflect, and garden! I really enjoy seeing peoples' gardens. Your hosta are Spring-fresh and growing (I love that view!). But what is the kingly "pawn" in the garden?

joey said...

Thanks Marmee ... seemed like an appropriate quote that hit home!

Indeed I do and thanks Shady. Spring-fresh is perfect for emerging hosta and how 'bout unfurling ferns ... my ultimate favorite! The kingly 'pawn' is an old chimney pot from England ... soon to sport a huge fern!

Catherine said...

Beautiful thoughts Joey~very true!:) I love the comparison..your photos & collages are stunning as always!

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

So nice to see views of your garden!!
Your close-ups are always beautiful but it's helps to see where they come from.


joey said...

Thanks Patsi ... since unless stated, most flower close-ups are from my garden and always try to include a photo of the beds where they reside. Happy Spring!