Monday, May 18, 2009


"With every leaf a miracle . . .
and from this bush in the door-yard,
With delicate-colour'd blossoms,
and heart-shaped leaves of rich green
A sprig with its flower, I break."

~ Walt Whitman

(Syringia vulagaris)


JC said...

Lilacs ... my favorite !!!

Bren said...

I am loving your lilacs in the collage collection you have shared today. Mine are all gone because of the unseasonable warm weather we had in the beginning of the month.

Can't wait to share some iris blooms with you soon.

Happy Garden Monday Dear friend.

Rose said...

So beautiful, Joey! And, of course, the Whitman poem is such a special remembrance. My lilacs have long since faded; spring flowers really remind one to enjoy each moment.

Roses and Lilacs said...

A wonderful post featuring one of my very favorite blooms. Joey, our climates must be very similar. It seems we have the same things blooming.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Such a beautiful and sweet flower. I am loving this collage.


Chuck Dilmore said...

the things you do with a blossom!

this is a special place.
just beautiful.


Brenda said...

Lilacs are the ultimate in heirloom flowers. Just the thought of them evokes romanticism.

beckie said...

Joey, how nice of you to share your lilacs! Ours didn't last nearly long enough. Whitman's poem says it all- a miracle, their perfect blooms.

Hope you are enjoying your garden!

joey said...

Thank you all for your kind comments ... running behind tending the infirmary (nursing/chauffeuring daughter staying here in immobilizer waiting for MRI after weekend knee injury; Mr. Ho-Hum in therapy for torn rotator cuff and back; and I'm in a soft cast for severe gardening sprain, meanwhile, cooking for expected guests ... but, about to come out of the oven, my Lemon Mousse Cheesecake smells amazing :)

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Love all the photos--wish we had smell-o-vision! How many lilacs do you have in your yard?

Gail said...

My dear...You have a full platter not a plate. The post is gorgeous, I am wishing I was there with you enjoying the beauty and the fragrance...gail

Tyra in Vaxholm said...

Hi Joey, wow that collage is so fragrant :-) No but seriously I can almost smell your Lilacs, great work. They sure are pretty. My Lilacs are jst about to start to bloom today!

I'll show you them in a post/ xoxo Tyra

Shady Gardener said...

No wonder they named the color "lilac!" Or, did they name the lilacs after the color?? The photos are very rich!

A wildlife gardener said...

I adore lilacs..and your montage is sooo beautiful :)

joey said...

Again thank you all for your kind comments ... a crazy week ... in between doctor's appointments and MRI, my daughter and I got rear-ended yesterday ... all fine but a bit shook up and sore ... big boo-boos on towed away Acadia :(

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

The lilacs have started to bloom in the Valley below us, but here on the hill we're trailing a couple of weeks behind, still.
I'm sorry to hear about the accident Joey, but relieved that you're safe and relatively unscathed. Hope you've been resting since this happened!

Fay said...

I have had the pleasure of reviewing your blog and I'm pleased to let you know that your blog will appear on Blogging Women.

I really love the layout of this blog! Great job.

It's my honor to add another quality women's blog to our women's directory.

Thank you for sharing your blog!

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Hi Joey

That is the perfect colour for me.

I love Lilac. They're very popular in the gardens over here.


marmee said...

so happy for you joey that you are enjoying those may lilac blooms...they are so beautiful.

Catherine said...

Beautiful lilac captures Joey!
I've been away too long!

Sound like life has been twisting and turning for you too~ I hope your daughter is doing well, and your gardening sprain is better, & your better half's shoulder is on the mend! Thoughts are with you alway's! Mmmm... lemon mousse cheesecake..yummy!~You are always looking on the bright side, finding the good in the worst of times~you are an inspiration to me!
Big hugs!

Desmone007 said...

Oh how beautiful and absolutely relaxing to look at! Love it.

susan morrison (garden chick) said...

Beautiful photo montage! Just thinking how beautiful the lilacs would look with a peach colored rose to set them off. (Just over at gardener in progress's site, and I have peach roses on the brain now.)

Patsi 'Garden Endeavors' said...

Lilacs, I can smell them now.
So sweet.