Thursday, May 05, 2011

'UNFURLING SPRING' (Early May Garden)

"I love spring anywhere,
but if I could choose
I would always greet it in a garden."

~ Ruth Stout

"My garden is my favorite teacher."

~ Betsy CaƱas Garmon


Marysol said...

I agree with Ruth Stout's quote, but, since I don't have much of a garden to speak of yet, I shall greet Spring in other ways.
For instance, poring over your whimsically sweet collages is one way I add a little spring to my day.

Happy spring — and Happy Mother's Day, Joey!

Gatsbys Gardens said...


I can think of no other place I would greet spring but in the garden!


Kala said...

Wonderful springtime garden images Joey!

Andrea said...

There you are again Joey, with the collages of which i am so envious! You have a lot as in "when it rains, it pours". I don't have any more words, just awe!

Esther Montgomery said...

Aren't ferns fantastic?

I keep wondering about having them in my garden - but then think it is too dry.


Carol said...

Lovely Joey!! What a feast for the eyes your collages of garden blooms are. Gorgeous! I love the yellow Lady Slippers and the fiddle heads . . . well I have been dining on some too. Happy Spring and Mother's Day to you!

joey said...

Oh do come visit in person, dear Marysol. How fun would that be :) We are at the lake this weekend (and hopefully many others) but home during the week ...

So agree, Eileen. Although 2 weeks behind this year, May is the best!

Dear Andrea, you are always so kind. With so much happening this time of year, collages focus on a bit of the best. No way can I keep up photographing all ...

Dear Esther ... if I could only have one plant, it would be the fern ... and I have many!!! Wish you could share the joy :(

Thanks, Kala. Happy, happy spring!

Thank you, Carol. I love, love, love my spring garden that from morning to night, amazes me.

Naturegirl said...

Joey what a wonderful riot of Spring time delight!
I love to greet Spring in the garden too!
Have a Happy weekend in the garden!

Nutty Gnome said...

Joey luv, I think you've excelled yourself with your collages this time but that house!!!'s divine :) I could easily covert that as my second home!
Have a wonderful Mother's Day <3

Nature Rambles said...

What a joyous celebration of Spring in your garden. Fabulous photos/mosaics!!

Victoria said...

So gorgeous joey as much are a true magician with your camera..your blooms magnificent and your eye for nature is spell-binding!! HUgs..beautiful!!

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Goodness, what a phenomenal explosion of spring you have in your garden. Just gorgeous! I love the Trillium, and the fiddlenecks on the ferns, and the quote at the end is simply perfect!

Kathryn/ said...

Oh, dear Joey, you are BURSTING at the seams with your spring joy! Thank you for sharing so many lovely pics of your beautiful home and garden. Truly a treasure. Happy Mother's Day! xoxo

joey said...

Thank you, Naturegirl. I so love spring in my garden that makes my heart stand still. But away this weekend UP NORTH at our cottage, checking out a stunning spring here too.

You are a dear, Liz, and thank you. I love my 70 year old home, all ceder including roof. The challenging gardens have evolved over the 36 years living there. We are here at the lake until tomorrow, another all cedar home plus 3300 sq. feet of decking ... lots of work but blessed and love both. I well know your constant striving/caring for your lovely home (how old) home. Happy Mother's Day, dear friend.

Indeed a joyous celebration, Nature, and thank you. And it's just beginning! Happy Spring :)

Big hugs, Kiki. You are always so kind. Thank you.

A long wait but spring found me, Clare, and it's just beginning. Be still my heart! I have trillium and various ferns, two must favorites, tucked everywhere. Again, here at the lake, surrounded in abundance!

Yes bursting, dear Kathryn, and thank you! Spring is late this year so trying to catch up, all popping so/too fast. Here at the lake this weekend, catching up too. Happy Mother's Day, dear friend.

garden girl said...

What a riot of color, texture, and bloom Joey! That's quite a colony of trilliums you have.

Have a beautiful Mother's Day! (I know you will! :)

Wendy said...

What a lovely collection of spring scenes. I particularly like the second set with the ferns.

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...


I'm amazed at how much you grow.

Love the stone steps and garden view.

Is that hosta in the third from last photo 'Wide brim'?

The Idiot said...

Great shots; spring intensified!

taio said...

great post

Anonymous said...

Lots of beautiful blooms and things there! I just love japanese painted fern... nice shots of them!

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

love the quote... and the unfurling fern.

joey said...

Crazed catching up, Linda. Here/there/everywhere (blogger issues) so thank you, dear heart. Yes, Mother's Day was grand as I hope yours was. I do indeed have huge colonies of trillium both in my garden and again surrounded at the lake. I am blessed to live surrounded by white spring magic.

Thank you, Wendy. So much has transpired since these photos, I can barely keep up! Spring is awesome :)

Rob, Michigan spring is amazing. Thank you. Could be wide brim since I have many but also many other varities of hosta, I have lost count of many names ... kind of like 'the old woman who lived in a shoe that had so many childen ... '

Indeed, IG! Thank you, fun friend :)

Welcome taio and thank you.

Thank you, DGG. Unfurling ferns hold my heart ... spring at its finest!

Anna/Flowergardengirl said...

I clicked on a photo and saw the most beautiful weather vane/clock and thought it so unique. Your gardens are lush and full of variety. I'm mesmerized by the way a fern fron unfurls.

Wishing you lots of hugs today and even more tomorrow. Anna

Rose said...

So many beautiful images, Joey! I hope you are enjoying every moment of spring in your garden.

joey said...

Thanks, dear Anna. I love my garden clock, a Mother's Day gift many years ago from my children. I also love my May garden :)

Weather could be better, Rose, but considering the horrid conditions down south, I'm not complainin'! Thank you.