Tuesday, April 06, 2010


“A pretty girl is like a melody

That haunts you night and day

Just like the strain

Of a haunting refrain

She'll start upon

A marathon

And run around your brain”

~ Irving Berlin

(Helleborus Orientalis)


Garden Lily said...

What a pretty collage, and I like that verse too!

Anna Flowergardengirl™ said...

Lovely Joey--and they bloomed for us in January.

Kala said...

These beautiful flowers started blooming here a couple of days before Lent - right on time!

Rick said...

The soft colours and lovely bokeh make for wonderful shots.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joey, As I have often remarked, if I could only have one spring flower in my garden, then it would, without doubt, have to be one of the Hellebores. Sadly, now, as the year progresses they are going over but let us hope, like the melody, they will remain in the mind until their turn comes round once again.

Victoria said...

Hi Joey! Very cool..I didnt know they were from the buttercup family..yay! Beautiful photos..just gorgeous as always! Hope you have a lovely day!

Rose said...

You've captured the dainty beauty of these pretty ladies so well, Joey! Mine must have thought Easter was later on the calendar this year, because they're still in the budding stage:)

Chloe m said...

Very special spring flowers...love this prose.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Very lovely, Joey! I need to stop by my local garden center and pick out a couple.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

I did go to the garden center yesterday. I had a gift certificate and I wanted to buy some perennials. The Hellebores were gorgeous but very expensive. I never see them at Home Depot, so I think I cam going to have to pop for a couple at a time.


Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings said...

Joey, you know I love hellebores. They light up my Lenten garden with their sweet faces. Glad yours are blooming too. I heard something I didn't know the other day. The blossoms turn green after they are fertilized. Have you heard that?~~Dee

joey said...

Thanks Garden Lily ~ it's hard to say goodbye to these beauties.

You lucky, lucky girl, Anna. Nothing could push through the frozen tundra here in January!

They are beauties, aren't they, Kala! My daffs are popping here too and if it wasn't pouring rain, I'd be outside shooting!

Thank you Rick ... these were shot inside for colorful muted background :)

Exactly, Edith, and why I posted another shot of these beauties. So hard to say goodbye plus, still available in local nurseries, hope others will include them in their spring gardens.

Thanks, dear Kiki, glad you enjoyed. Heavy rain today, which is OK for me and the garden :)

Quite OK, Rose, since this means you will be enjoying them longer. Thanks and also for the timely piece posted on your site.

Thanks Rosey ... they seemed to fit except now I can't get the crazy song out of my head!

Hi Marnie. I hope you do. They are still in all of our local nurseries ... trust me, you won't be disappointed!

Agree, they are pricey, Eileen, but so worth the investment. The gardening community seems to be Helleborus 'crazed' ... they are everywhere in the local nurseries. Last November, our garden club guest speaker highlighted them in stunning holiday arrangements.

They are indeed sweet faces, Dee, and I did not know that blossoms turn green after fertilized. Hum ... you are a wise woman! Do hope your garden 'springs back' after the hail storm.

imac said...

Joey, you capture wonderful photos and put them together to make a super show.

Shady Gardener said...

Hi Joey, Aren't these flowers so pretty? I've got to run out to take a few more photos, myself! It rained last night and sprinkled off and on all day today. (I raked quite a bit in-between.)

Shady Gardener said...

PS Have you found your bloodroot, yet? I commented back to you the other day that if I had a larger colony, I'd send some to you. However, if you actually came all the way down here to sneak away with mine, I'd just gladly give you a couple! :-)

joey said...

You are very kind, imac, and why I so love your visits :)

Boo hoo, no bloodroot yet, Shady, but the rest of my flowers/wildflowers are popping big time! Last year Mr. Ho-Hum's back was so bad we had to have help edging ... I know I lost several treasures in the process. Now, if the rain would only stop I might find them. You are a dear ... I would never sneak anything from your garden but it would be a gift to someday visit it beside you.

beckie said...

These blooms are so delicate and sweet looking-almost shy and certainly demure. Maybe that's why we love them so.

Gail said...

I can't imagine gardening without them...That they grow in my clay soil is a gift I appreciate daily! Your photos show how water colored their looks can be! gail

Anonymous said...

The hellebores are such hard working stalwarts of the late winter into spring garden, their ease and toughness make them must haves. I love the lyrics, what a genius he was! :-)

joey said...

And indeed we do, Beckie, and extremely hardy, hardly the shy and demure face they portray.

It's the color I love, Gail. Delighted they are so happy in your garden. (But then who wouldn't be!)

Totally agree, Frances, and why I featured them twice, tweaking others to join in on the love affair! Berlin was indeed a genius but let's hope this song doesn't stick in your head all day :)

Connie said...

Beautiful. I must add some of these to my garden...anything that blooms early is a treat!

donna said...

And why is it that I'm w/o a Lenten Rose? I will not go another year without one. It's on my list.


joey said...

I hope you do, Connie, 'cause they are a early treat. Enjoy the gift of spring!

Good for you, Donna! I'll look forward to seeing your photos next spring!