Wednesday, May 21, 2008


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~ Mackinac Island


Michigan, My Michigan

(Written by: William Otto Miessner & Douglas M. Malloch)

A song to thee, fair State of mine,

Michigan, my Michigan;

But greater song than this is thine,

Michigan, my Michigan;

The whisper of the forest tree,

The thunder of the inland sea;

Unite in one grand symphony

Of Michigan, my Michigan.

I sing a State of all the best,

Michigan, my Michigan;

I sing a State with riches blest,

Michigan, my Michigan;

Thy mines unmask a hidden store,

But richer thy historic lore,

More great the love thy builders bore,

Oh, Michigan, my Michigan.

How fair the bosom of thy lakes,

Michigan, my Michigan;

What melody each river makes;

Michigan, my Michigan;

As to thy lakes the rivers tend,

Thy exiled children to thee send

Devotion that shall never end,

Oh, Michigan, my Michigan.

Thou rich in wealth makes a State,

Michigan, my Michigan;

Thou great in things that make us great,

Michigan, my Michigan;

Out loyal voices sound thy claim

Upon the golden roll of fame

Our loyal hands shall write the name

Of Michigan, my Michigan.


bg_garden said...

Wonderful page dedicated to the Great State of Michigan. I enjoy MANY garden tours up in your beloved state.
Just a short note that I enjoyed your blog once again.

Rose said...

We may be rivals in collegiate sports (although Illini fans admire Tom Izzo), but we have to admit Michigan is a beautiful state. We have spent several summer vacations there from the wine country in the southwest to the Upper Peninsula. And Mackinac Island is truly beautiful.

joey said...

You are so kind, Bren. I love my home state of Michigan ... my blog is devoted to seasonal food, photos, and gardening in this great state.

OK Rose ... you are too cute!

Sweet Home and Garden Carolina said...

Beautiful song, Joey. Michigan's upper peninsula has special memories for me and my family as we vacationed there frequently when the children were young.