Saturday, May 19, 2007


Gardener's note: Fragrant sweet woodruff, a low-growing perennial herb, is an ideal woodland or shade tolerant ground cover. Its sweet smell intensifies as the plant dries ... perfect for strewing throughout the house as a room freshener. When in bloom, like the Germans, greet the season and rejoice ... it's time for May wine!
~ Sweet woodruff
(Galium odoratum)


~ Once tasted, this simple pleasure will surely become a haunting spring ritual
2 bottles Rhine or Moselle wine *
a handful of sweet woodruff sprigs
fresh strawberries & sweet woodruff flowers for garnish
Rinse woodruff sprigs, and stuff into uncorked wine. Allow to steep several hours in refrigerator. Strain into wine glass & garnish with a fresh strawberry and pinched top of blooming sweet woodruff.
1 gallon good German wine *
handful of sweet woodruff sprigs
1-2 pints fresh strawberries
4 Tbsp. sugar
edible blossoms from the garden
Stuff sweet woodruff in wine bottle or in large bowl. Refrigerate several hours or overnight. Strain and pour into large glass punch bowl. Add sugar and mix well. Add an ice block (pretty with frozen flowers inside). Blend in champagne. Garnish with woodruff flowers and edible flowers blossoms from the garden (Johnny-jump ups, pansies, rose petals, borage, etc.) Place a strawberry in each glass and top with sweet woodruff flower.
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