Friday, February 12, 2010


"All I really need is love,
but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt!"

~ Lucy Van Pelt (in Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz)

~Valentine Tulip


~Begin making this a day ahead. Chill the mold well before filling it. Allow several hours for the bombe to freeze and mellow before serving time. This easy recipe is from Bon Appetit (February 2000).

1 16-oz. jar hot fudge sauce
1 12-oz. package semisweet chocolate chips
3 Tbsp. water
1/4 cup brandy
3 pints (slightly softened) cherry-vanilla ice cream with chocolate chunks or fudge flakes
1 1/2 (slightly softened) pints chocolate sorbet (or frozen yogurt)
or chocolate-cherry sorbet (or frozen yogurt)
1 9-oz. package chocolate wafer cookies
  • Stir first 3 ingredients in heavy medium saucepan over medium-low heat until melted and smooth. Remove from heat. Whisk in brandy. Cool.
  • Line 10-inch diameter, 10-cup metal bowl with plastic wrap, extending over sides. Spread cherry-vanilla ice cream over inside of bowl to within 3/4-inch of top edge, leaving center 6-inch diameter hollow. Freeze 30 minutes.
  • Fill hollow completely with sorbet (yogurt); smooth top. Overlap half of cookies (about 22) atop ice cream and sorbet, covering completely and pressing gently. Spread 1 cup fudge sauce over cookies. Overlap remaining cookies atop sauce. Cover; freeze bombe overnight. Cover and chill remaining sauce. (Can be make 3 days ahead. Keep bombe frozen).
  • Rewarm remaining sauce over low heat, stirring often. Turn bombe out onto platter. Peel off plastic. Cut bombe into wedges. Serve with remaining sauce. (12-16 servings)


Jean Campbell said...

Doesn't that sound delicious? I'd be happy with a clutch of those tulips.

Every year about this time, I get the notion that I could grow tulips. Again. Where'd I put that old catalog, so I can plan for 2011?

Gail said...

Now if my sweetie would make this for me, sigh. He's perfect in so many ways, but he doesn't like chocolate or ice cream. I'll keep him. gail

garden girl said...

quite a delicious-looking cache of recipes for a romantic V-day in your last several posts Joey! The flower photos and the swan are gorgeous too. Have a wonderfully romantic Valentines Day - how nice when it falls on a weekend!

Catherine@AGardenerinProgress said...

I completely agree with Lucy :)
The ice cream bombe sounds so good and they always look so pretty too.

Chloe m said...

HI Joey,

Thanks for commenting on my daughter's post today.

This recipe sounds simply scrumptious. You always have the best "taste" for recipes!

Happy Valentine's Day



Pat said...

Been viewing your past are so dreamy.
Have a cold so food is not so appealing to me right now.

Victoria said...

All I can say is..OH BOy!! Yum.. what a dazzling treat! Thanks!

joey said...

Tulips, Nell Jean, are amazing! As much as I hate fall bulb planting, can't live without the joy of seeing their welcoming cheerful faces in spring :)

Dear Gail ... our Valentine sweeties show love year long, in many different ways (right)! *hugs* and hearts ♥♡

Thank you, Linda ~ we enjoyed a romantic ♥♡ dinner tonight at a favorite restaurant. Fun not to cook and celebrate our over 40 years together. Happy Valentine's Day to you, dear blogging friend <3

Agree, Catherine ... the beautiful bombe ignites a blast of memorable flavor!

Thanks, Rosey, your girls are delightful! Your ♥ must be swelling :)

Get well soon, Patsi! What you need is a good cup of rich/healing chicken soup! Wish I lived near :)

You are all about dazzling and awaking senses, Kiki! Thanks Valentine friend ! ♥♡

Anna Flowergardengirl™ said...

Ok, Joey-but I have to check in with my Dr on Thursday. This sounds delicious.

joey said...

Hope all is OK, Anna, and you can enjoy this treat. Happy Valentine's Day! ♡♥Hearts♥♡

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Joey, oh. my. gosh. I am salivating. I am.

Happy Valentine's Day.~~Dee

joey said...

Dee, Valentine's Day is the perfect day to indulge with your sweetie. Fun that it fell on a weekend, extending the joy. Happy ♡♥Hearts♥♡ Valentine's Day!

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

Wow! This sounds amazing - it might even tempt me into the kitchen

RURAL said...

Like, oh yum, this is incredible.

Happy Valentines Day.


marmee said...

i'm in complete agreement with lucy...a whole lot of love and a bit of chocolate make life grand.
this is a gorgeous tulip.
happy v~day dear joey.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree is WONDERFUL, but a little chocolate is just...perfect...!
I love your says something about love and then there is your perfect touch...chocolate! This is what Valentine is about. Happy V to you!

joey said...

Happy to tempt you, Karen, perhaps it will :)

Thanks, Jen, Happy Valentine's Day! ♡♥Hearts♥♡

Love that quote too, Marmee, and thank you! Enjoy a Happy Valentine's Day with your beautiful family. ♡♥Hearts♥♡

Thank you, dear Ronelle. A bit of chocolate is a MUST! Wishing you a loving Valentine's Day! ♡♥Hearts♥♡

donna said...

The recipe sounds tasty and the valentine tulip is divine....luv it.


joey said...

Thanks Donna. Do hope your V-day was delightful!

Kylee Baumle said...

That tulip is AWESOME!!!! Want!