Saturday, February 14, 2009


"Nobody has ever measured,
even poets,
how much a heart can hold. "

~ Vintage Postcards
(Original Valentine postcard, 1908, printed in Germany ~
c. 1990 Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village - Dearborn, MI)


TYRA Hallsénius Lindhe said...

Beautiful vintage postcards Joey.

I wish you a lovely Valentine's day my dear friend/ Tyra xoxo

Gail said...

Dear Joey,

Infinity love! I am not sure how it started but when our son was very young I would tell him: "I love you infinity"..even now I occasionally say that in a card or text message.

I love this post, the images and quote are lovely~~
I hope your day is filled with love.


F Cameron said...

I love the vintage postcards! Hope you have a beautiful Valentine's Day.


Anonymous said...

I love vintage valentines cards. What a nice collection you have posted today. Happy Valentine's Day Joey!

Rose said...

Zelda said it better than her husband:) I love all these vintage Valentines; happy Valentine's Day to you, Joey!

I followed a link from one of your comments yesterday to Marysol, but I couldn't leave a comment there. I hope she sees this--she's quite a talented baker; I think I gained 5 pounds just looking at all the yummy photos:)

RURAL said...

What a lovely collection of vintage cards. Happy Valentines Day.

Thanks for sharing.


Anonymous said...

What lovely vintage cards! Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours, Joey. :)

joey said...

And to you, dear friend Tyra ... a bouquet of heartfelt wishes for a love-filled Valentine's Day:)

A heartwarming story, Gail. Thanks for sharing. May you also spend this Valentine's Day surrounded in love.

Thanks Cameron. Although not the original cards from Germany printed in the early
1900s, they are 20 years old, purchased at the Henry Ford Museum (Dearborn, MI).

I love the rich colors, Racquel, and glad you enjoyed these. Happy Valentine's Day dear Perennial Garden friend :)

... and Happy Valentine's Day to you, dear Rose. I loved Zelda's quote ~ 'Scott & Zelda, a tragic twosome but a fascinating read. Delighted you visited Marysol ... isn't she amazingly sweet!

Hi Jen and thanks ... a very Happy Valentine's Day to you also:

Thanks Nancy. I enjoy vintage cards and kept these over the years instead of mailing. A most Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours also.

Catherine said...

Beautiful Joey! I love Vintage cards & images! Happy Valentines Day to you! I'm a big fan of Zelda Fitzgerald ~great quote!
Did you know she suffered from Schizophrenia..?

Hope you are having a beautiful day~I can only imagine what delicious, sinfully decadent treat you have in store for your family on this special day! :)
Bloggin Sis

joey said...

Hello dear Cat! Glad you enjoyed this ... I've always held a fascination with this era, even hosting 'Croquet in May' Gatsby Garden Parties. Indeed I did know about Zelda's tragic journey with Schizophrenia. On a lighter note, enjoy this special day, dear Valentine! (No cookin' tonight ... My Valentine is taking me out :)

Connie said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Joey!
I love vintage valentines. :-)

Unknown said...

Ah, dear Joey, always has the right set of visuals for our hearts, and on Happy Heart Day especially. I hope it's been a lovely one for you and yours (and less snowy than ours).

marmee said...

oh how i love anything vintage...these are wonderful.
happy valentine's day, joey!

joey said...

Dear Valentine, Connie ... thank you :)

Special heartfelt Valentine wishes for you, dear jodi ... indeed the evening was special, shared with old friends (our children are best friends as are our grandchildren). Do hope your day was as precious as you are!

... and to you a beautiful Valentine day also, dear Marmee. Enjoy your vacation. Time with sisters is precious :)

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Love your vintage Valentine's (I got one myself which is shown in my latest post). I also love browsing antique malls, though I rarely buy anything. They had a lot of cool Valentine's cards over the weekend.

joey said...

Thanks Monica ~ love vintage myself. Running out of room and on a tighter budget, I also tend to browse antique shops these days.

Marysol said...

Lovely vintage cards from a lovely, romantic soul.

You know, this is one card collection I may be very interested in starting.

Hope your V-day brought you much love and plenty of smiles, mi amiga.

joey said...

Thanks, dear Marysol ~ so rich, painful, yet full of laughter that I'd love to share my 'romantic soul' (no one would believe ... beginning with how my Valentine slipped on black ice out the door for our romantic Valentine Dinner with oldest dear friends :) We are still in a 'recovery' mode ... slings, ice packs, phone calls from kids & friends, and wondering what else life has in store ! (Do hope yours was a bit more on the gentle side, dear friend :)