Tuesday, November 17, 2009


"Every leaf speaks bliss to me,
fluttering from the autumn tree."
~ Emily Bronte
November mum
(flower of the month)
~ Fresh autumn veggies and herbs make for a cozy soup
3 Tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil
2 chopped onions (1 red, 1 sweet)
4 minced garlic cloves
1 small chopped head bok choy, napa, or savoy cabbage
3 quarts organic chicken or vegetable broth
1 cup white vermouth (optional)
1 diced red pepper
1 diced yellow pepper
4 cups cubed sweet potato or butternut squash
2 cups diagonally sliced green beans
2 Tbsp. chopped fresh thyme (2 tsp. dried)
2 tsp. dried oregano
coarse salt & freshly ground pepper to taste
2 (16 oz.) cans rinsed and drained cannellini beans
4 cups chopped kale or spinach
grated fresh Parmesan cheese
  • Heat oil in large stockpot. Add onion and saute until wilted. Add garlic and chopped cabbage and saute until tender.
  • Add broth, wine, peppers, potatoes (squash), and green beans. Bring to a boil, reduce heat and add herbs, salt & pepper. Simmer 20 minutes or until potatoes are tender. Add beans and kale (spinach). Cook 5 minutes or until greens are wilted. Adjust seasonings.
  • Serve topped with freshly grated Parmesan cheese and Roasted Red Pepper Quesadillas. (12 servings)
~ Yummy side for soup or great appetizer from Cooking Light (Oct 2003)
Preheat broiler. Place 8 (6-inch) fat-free flour tortillas on large baking sheet coated with cooking spray. Sprinkle each tortilla evenly with 2 Tbsp. shredded Monterey Jack cheese and 2 Tbsp. chopped bottled roasted red bell peppers. Top each tortilla with another (6-inch) fat-free tortilla; coat tops with cooking spray. Broil 3 minutes or until lightly browned. Carefully turn over, coat tops with cooking spray. Broil additional 3 minutes or until lightly browned. Cut each quesadilla into 4 wedges. (4 servings)

'Hanging around'


Roses and Lilacs said...

Enjoyed your photos as always. They really brightened up my view. I've been looking out my window on to a dreary, gray day.

Anonymous said...

Same here. :) And your top collage actually looks like a "photo minestrone"!

beckie said...

Joey, gorgeous mum. I love the color. This soup is one of hubby's favorites and will try this version. Sounds delicious.

Hope you are doing well, and forgive me for not visiting very often. I am still finding it hard to manage my time, but do miss being able to visit friends. :)

joey said...

We were blessed with sunshine today, Marie ... yikes ... since we seem to get your 'leftovers', me thinks gloom is headed my way and I'm going to pack my unbrella for the mini-trip heading west!

Since I'm getting Marnie's gloom tomorrow, I'm sending today's sunshine your way, Nancy :)

Thanks dear Beckie ~ delighted to hear from you whenever you stop by ... old friends ask no questions, simply enjoying the moment near. Running here, there, and everywhere, I too am finding life hard to wrap my arms around. BTW this scaled down Minestrone would be excellent for your hubby ... normally this would have pasta like orzo that I omitted making it even more carb friendly :) So enjoy ...

donna said...

How did you know that veggie quesadillas are one of my favorite foods? And with your minestrone....can't go wrong.

I especially like your 'hanging around' collage. I luv the last of the leaf color.

Shady Gardener said...

Perhaps you should have a large photo made of that top collage, Joey! Wouldn't it be lovely framed? I've just printed your recipes... Thanksgiving is coming and I'm going to need to make menus for Monday a.m. through Wednesday night! :-) Yea! ;-) Both our kids and spouses and all the grandchildren (5 under 6) will be here!!
What are you Thanksgiving plans?

joey said...

I'm a 'mind reader', Donna, and aim to please :) Those 'hanging around' leaves were shot yesterday ... the old Norway over the patio just won't let go of summer ... nor will the Kousa dogwood!

joey said...

Shady thank you, you are so sweet :) If interested, check my November blog archives for the past few years ... I have TONS of my Thanksgiving favs posted there, so many in fact I find myself using my blog more and more to find my own stuff! Sounds like Thanksgiving will be wonderful with all your chickens nestled at home. Enjoy the gift! We are blessed to have all near ... the hum ... Lion game (in spite of their pitiful record, we have held front row season tickets for years) ... is always tradition (except for me the cook)! Then besides family, we also have many of the kids 'orphan' friends join us for dinner ... I love it!

Rose said...

Such a gorgeous color of mum! I do love minestrone; I made it from scratch once--a lot of work, but worth it.

Joey, I don't know how to search through someone else's blog--I'm looking for a recipe for apple salad. Do you have one in one of your posts?

Rose said...

Aha, I found one--from September of last year! Thanks, Joey.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these yummy recipes and visual treats dear Joey. I have never tried broiling quesadillas, it seems so much easier. I will be going through your archives for some new Thanksgiving ideas too. Thank you for your generosity! :-)

joey said...

Thanks Rose. Now that the garden has been put to bed, I must surround myself with color indoors where I have lots blooming. Minestroni is easy but like many soups, lots of chopping! Glad you found the recipe :) Enjoy!

Thanks dear Frances! Another way to find recipes/flowers etc is to key the name of a specific flower, recipe or ingredient like salmon etc. in the blank space at the top of the blog. Enjoy Thanksgiving!

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

As always, I love the wonderful photo collages! Mmm, reds and yellows.

Gail said...

Joey, Another stunning photo collage and a recipe I am looking so very forward to trying! I hope you've been doing well? I've been off line for a long weekend visiting Fairegarden and then catching up on chores. gail

lindalou said...

I can't see the word quesadilla without pronouncing it k-sa-dill-a.

Damn you Napoleon Dynamite.

Love the leaf photos. I think are grey months of started. I think snow will be next.

Carol said...

Oh Joey your photographs are spectacular... I am not that crazy about mums but you make them look like works of art... Brilliant and beautiful! Then you go and inspire us with delicious treats.

maybe said...

I'm appreciate your writing skill.Please keep on working hard.^^

Kathy said...

It's that kind of day today... good for making soup and I will take inspiration from the minestrone recipe. Always good to read your blog,


Kate/High Altitude Gardening said...

Hi, Joey!
This photo collage is a lovely piece of artwork. And, the recipes sound yummy. May have to give these a try at Tuesday Dinners. :)

Nutty Gnome said...

I could have SO done with your minestrone for lunch today! I was working outside in what felt like gale force winds - good job I had my thermals on :)

Thanks for clearing up the mystery of what AP flour was! I made the apple cake and it went down very well .... as did the mustard mashed potatoes at a different meal!

joey said...

Thanks Monica ... loved your last post :)

How fun to hang with Frances, Gail ... you gals are so lucky to live near. I've been OOT myself ... just returned from a delightful stay at the beautiful Wickwood Inn in Saugatuck, MI where at breakfast, thrilled, I met & hugged my cooking guru, Julee Rosso (Silver Palate Cookbook, Silver Palate Goodtimes, The New Basics, Good Food, Fresh Start), who owns the historic bed & breakfast. I hope to post pictures soon ... the inn (trees, fresh greens, rosemary topiaries, and amaryllis in every room) & village were all decorated for Christmas. A pure delight and the food, heavenly!

How funny Lindalou ~ loved Napoleon Dynamite! I think you are right. Today certainly projected the beginning of grey months ahead. From the shores of Lake Michigan, it rained all the way home. I'm sure snow is not far behind!

Carol ~ coming from you and your gift behind the lens, I'm honored.

Thank you very much < >. I will continue my best to work hard!

Katy ... I agree. Soup feeds the body and soul on these dark dreary days ...

Thank you, Kate, how kind. Those Tuesday dinners sound fun ... enjoy!

Indeed a soup day here today also, Nutty! Stay warm with those thermals and your spiffy wellies :) Glad you enjoyed the goodies.

Chibog in Chief said...

i love minestrone perfect for cold weather like this!

Mary Delle LeBeau said...

Just love your collages!! They are winners. Your recipes look yummy. Thank you for your comment on my post about wildlife in the Arboretum and your encouragement to post more. I will.

Unknown said...

Joey, the quote is so beautiful and your collage is stunning!!
Thank you for stopping by my blog...love it!!

Have a great weekend! Our weather is just right now for minestrone:)

joey said...

Indeed Dhanggit ... hard to beat a bowl of soulful November soup :)

Your posts are lovely, Mary Delle. It's been a joy knowing you. Thanks!

Thanks Kanak. Enjoy the cool weather and ... a hearty bowl of minestrone :)