Friday, May 11, 2012

IT'S PEONY TIME (Life of a happy Tree Peony)

"The bee emerging from deep within the peony departs reluctantly." 
~   Basho, Matsuo


Nina Knox said...

Hi Joey,
I was introduced to you by your brother in law, Larry. Your blog and pictures are beautiful. I'll be following along.
Nice to meet you.
Nina Knox

Jenny said...

I just took photos of our peonies this afternoon. The buds are just peaking out. I like the way you followed the progression of yours. I haven't heard of tree peonies. Ours are in Holland and not that tall.
We have to tie them to sticks to prevent them from falling over. But they are gorgeous. xo Jenny

p.s. Hate these word jumbles in comment moderation.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Even though I have no room, I must find a place for a tree peony. My friend has one that was magnificant this year. I have two Kinkled White but they do not standd above the crowd like the tree peonies.


joey said...

Welcome Nina! Enjoyed visiting your blog also. Talked with Larry/Carole tonight who filled me in. Will be happy to add you to my links. Hope you are enjoying this fabulous weather ... Happy Spring :)

Tree peonies are amazing, Jenny! I love the fact that they bloom earlier than other peonies in my garden that too need hoops ... I have learned to cut them for bouquets when they are stellar ... for it never fails, as soon as they bloom we get heavy rains, winds, that shatter their beautiful faces.

I do hope you find room, Eileen. Because they stand tall, it's easy to plant around them. Happy Spring fun friend. Your gardens look amazing!

RobinL said...

After seeing these lovelies on everyone's blog, I finally ordered a tree peony of my very own. I have no idea where it is going to live, but I'm excited nonetheless!

Unknown said...

Lovely. I love peonies. I remember lots of them up in NY but I don't think I am seeing them down here in TX. I love coming here and learning something about gardening.

Wendy said...

gorgeous. I love all the peonies out right now. I have a green halo and some bargain bin pink variety that is in it's 2nd year. peonies and tree peonies are just soo awesome.

Beth at PlantPostings said...

They're beautiful, Joey! I don't have any Tree Peonies, but my other Peonies are about to bloom. Love them all!

imac said...

You sure know what beauty is my friend.
Well captured.

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Joey:
We come to you not entirely by chance. To say that Edith Hope sent us would not be strictly accurate rather, she has inspired us to seek you out after what has been too long a time.

Tree Peonies are amongst the most elegant of garden plants and they are certainly one of our favourites. In our gardening days in Herefordshire, we created a Peony Walk and the blousy show of these most glorious of spring arrivals always lifted our hearts.

Your photographs are truly stunning. From the merest hint of a peony petal as it bursts from its bud to the fully blown lipstick red explosions of colour of the peony flowers in all their glory, you have captured them with a keenly artistic and creative eye.

We have signed ourselves as Followers and shall look forward to future posts enormously.

Fernando Santos (Chana) said...

Excelentes fotografias de belas flores....

Anonymous said...

Not a plant we see around here (wish we did). The blooms are stunning! It's a joy to see your photos, Joey.

lindalou said...

Sometimes I don't believe your photos are real. They are just so perfect and today's groupings are just gorgeous.

I would love to walk through you garden. Just seeing the photos provide such a feeling of peace and beauty.

joey said...

Robin, trust me, you will love it! Hope it finds a happy home in your lovely garden.

Welcome, (Thyme) Sarah ... it's a joy to connect and thank you for your kind comments. Your blog is delightful!

Thanks Wendy and totally agree ... a joy to see blooming for sure. From spring to spring, they hold my heart!

And my other peonies are about to burst too, PP! (In fact, stunning Scarlet O'hara is beginning to bloom!) Be still my heart come spring ... when all that I so love appears to thrill me :)

Thanks fun iMac :)

Welcome dear Jane & Lance and thank you for connecting and your kind comments. I often think of dear Edith and so miss her lively/creative posts ... do give her a big hug, hoping her adventures are still as awesome as her love for beauty/humor in life.

Welcome Fernando and thank you for your kind comment. Enjoyed visiting your blog too.

Dear Kanak, thank you. It's a joy visiting you too ... our gardens so different yet joyfully the same.

Thank you, Lindalou, how kind! You live near ... I would love to have you visit and are welcome anytime.

Unknown said...

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