Sunday, March 10, 2013


"Tempus fugit" 
(time flies)

'Kaleidoscope Clocks'


lindalou said...

Clever reference for the day.

Helen said...

Really beautiful, Joey.

joey said...

Thx Lindalou and so appreciate your time to stop by. I have been a horrid bloggin' buddy of late. With the best intentions, I fall pitifully short. But you can visit me on FB where I post daily with 'ho-hum housewife' adventures/life and would be fun to connect.

Thank you dear Helen! I do so luv my clocks and have many ... many. Mr Ho-Hum exhausts and totally confuses me as to time watching him change ALL over to daylight savings ... starting the day before adds to the wonderment of time!

Marysol said...

I didn't know what 'Tempus Fugit' meant, until now. I didn't even know that you collected clocks (What else have you been keeping from me?:)

Joey, my heart skips a beat whenever you post your beautiful collages.

Thank you mi amiga, for sharing your wonderful talent with the rest of the class!

joey said...

Lover of many things, dear Marysol! Can we talk? And how sweet are you to be my dear friend ... I collect those too! <3