Thursday, March 20, 2008


~ 'The Right of Spring'
( Vernal equinox ~ Hubbard Lake, Michigan)


Rose said...

Joey, I just happened upon your blog. What gorgeous photographs! And I love your inclusion of the passage from The Song of Solomon.

Anonymous said...

The slanted one in the middle is cool.

Anonymous said...

Joey, how beautiful! Where were these taken? Thank you so much for sharing with us! Kathryn xox

joey said...

Thank you, Rose. I love the passaage, so appropriate for today.

Fun to see life from a different perspective, Di. Thanks ;)

Hugs dear Kathryn ... I'm quite fortunate to have the vernal (spring) and autumnal (fall) equinox set directly in front our of cottage in northern Michigan, as you can see, a most beautiful setting ... 'AS GOOD AS IT GETS!'
(Was your birthday cake as tasty as it looked?)

Mireille said...

What magnificent photos!
all of them are really beautiful and I would like to be in this place at the moment..
thank you for the "travel"!

Gina said...

Wow Joey, such a special place! Your photos are wonderful!! Wishing you and your family a lovely Easter, take Care, Gina x

Catherine said...

Gorgeous sunset captures Joey!! Beautiful beautiful colors~breath~
taking photos~everyone!

joey said...

You are very kind, Mireille. I feel the same about your fabulous home. We are both lucky.

Hi Gina. I feel the same after visiting your lovely home. Easter blessings to your dear family.

And to you, dear Cat, regarding your beautiful home. Sunrise, sunsets and bursting life in between ... you and I are there capturing the moment. Hugs ...