Sunday, November 16, 2008


"The leaves fall, the wind blows, and the farm country slowly changes from the summer cottons into its winter wools."
~ Henry Beston, Northern Farm

~ Hubbard Lake (November)


beckie said...

Joey, winter woolens and sweatshirts and pants! Those are my choice of attire during the winter months. One day I am going to have to see Hubbard Lake. It is stunning in any season. Stay warm dear Joey.

Meems said...

Joey, Very pretty autumnal tree color at your lovely Hubbard Lake. Love the wheat color in the field in the forefront. Is that corn?

I kind of wish for the chance to wear winter wools but its not likely but a few days in the year.

The pumpkin chili sounds delightful in the previous post as well.

marmee said...

this is truely a beautiful place. i love the quote. didn't you say you were visiting with family there?

Rose said...

Joey, you always manage to find the perfect quotes--I love the image of farm country changing into its "winter wools."

I love all the yellow images in your previous post--it just shows that there is still much to appreciate in nature right now even though the temperatures are dipping. That praline pumpkin torte sounds perfectly decadent! How do you keep your girlish figure with all these delicious desserts?:)

joey said...

Hello dear Beckie ~ you would need your woolies today! Blustery with snow squalls following us on the 3 1/2 hour ride home from the lake(actually more snow here south than there. If it sticks, I'll grab my camera in the AM). Hubbard Lake is indeed stunning throughout all seasons. I've been graciously asked and working on a 2009 benefit calendar focusing on a seasonal photo for each month. I would love to have you visit :0)

Hello dear Florida friend, Meems. Hilly Hubbard Lake is a large (27 miles around) surrounded by stunning farm land, as you can see. The ride around the lake is breathtaking and, yes, that is corn. Our cottage (Wa-gi-daa-king)is high on a hill on the sunset side, as you might have guessed from many of my photos. The pumpkin chili was a hit, perfect for the blustery weekend. My hands froze snipping red twig dogwood to bring home for holiday decorating. Wondering if you were able to see the space shuttle Endeveaor Launch? My sister way north on Amelia Island said the view was awesome.

Thank you, Marmee. Yes, we just returned and visit our place often throughout the year, often staying weeks in the summer when all my family is there for reunions (my family has 4 places). We finally moved my ailing, legally blind sister (lived here with us for 1 1/2 years in between the hospital and nursing homes) back to her home at the lake and is adjusting with lots of wonderful daily help. After her horrific journey, she is delighted to finally be back home ~ a true Thanksgiving story.

You are most kind, dear Rose. I love the bittesweet colors of November. Yesterday was the start of deer hunting season and the lake and surrounding woods was filled with hunters, not my thing but Michigan is over-populated with deer, both up north and down here. Yes, the pumpkin torte is 'decadent', toned down a bit with whipping cream ;) I walk extra-fast these days when I nibble too much ... and this was a decadent (double-session walking) birthday week!

Meems said...

Hi Joey: Your cottage sounds divine as does your ride around the lake. It is nice you can bring the dogwood in from the outside. I adore natural settings indoors. And I picture yours to be glorious.

The short answer to your question is no, but we tried. The long answer is, as you know, we are on the other coast. We were watching it on TV with our 2.5 yr old grandson so we recorded it just in case. We took him outside (and found the least unobstructed by our marvelous oak trees view) but, alas, our side of the coast was much cloudier than the East. My daughter, however, (mother to the 2.5 yr old.)happened to be out on a boat in the bay at that moment and with their clear view to the East saw it perfectly.

I have been at New Smyrna Beach (in between Amelia and the Cape on the East Coast)on one other night lauch a few years ago and from that beach it was a splendid sight.

In the end we went back inside the house and watched the recording a few minutes post-launch. It was the first our little one had seen and he just kept asking to replay the blast off.

I love Amelia Island and everything just north of it. We just stayed at Fernandina Beach in September and had a blast.

Okay. Like I said... loooooong answer. Always good to chat with you.
Have a marvelous Monday!

Roses and Lilacs said...

What a lovely photo. The tree in the foreground is so graceful. The ones on the hillside echo the colors.

Cindy said...

Love the composition of that photo. Very layered which is what the weather is calling for lately! Stay warm, dear friend.

beckie said...

Joey, birthday week? You should have told us earlier and we would have planned a party. Anyway, I hope you had a great birthday and have many more!!

joey said...

As you well know, dear Marnie ~ good subjects are fun to photograph ... simply there ... waiting!

Thank you, sweet Cindy ~ lovely analogy. (Though hating to give in, I've finally doned my socks!)

Oh Beckie! I knew you would and, knowing your busy schedule, kept quiet ;) Thank you for the kind wishes ... many more for the both of us!

joey said...

Thanks for your reply, Meems. Isn't Amelia lovely? Love Fernandina Beach. My sister lives on 'The Plantation' (summers at the lake), on the ocean. I dream of my wandering walks on the beach and although farther north, it is there visiting that I see many of the stunning plants growing in your garden, a joy for my gardening soul.