Saturday, June 16, 2007


~ Iceland Poppy

~ Evening Primrose (Oenothera biennis)

~ Spiderwort (Tradescantia)

~ 'Carefree Beauty' Rose


EAL said...

Ah, Carefree Beauty, A blowsy, messy rose, but so obligingly floriferous. Gotta love it. Plus my best friend has the sister rose, Carefree Wonder, which I bought her.

Nice macros!

Connie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Your flowers are beautiful and what a creative way to display your photos....just lovely!

joey said...

Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth ~
Planted 7 Carefree Beauty shrub roses, dancing down a hill, over 20 years ago and most are still thriving. I regard them as 'The Clidesdales' of the rose family. Enjoyed visiting your site.

joey said...

Thank you, Connie. So enjoyed visiting your lovely site, a piece of 'Heaven on Earth'.