Monday, November 19, 2007

GOOD GRIEF! (Time out ...)

~ Good Grief!


Carolyn gail ( Sweet home and Garden Chicago ) left an alarming post:

"I love bourbon in everything as well !

You've been tagged to reveal 8 random things about yourself."

Good Grief! Like ... who would wish to read humble ramblings from a 'Ho-Hum Housewife'? Carolyn (though I doubt it) must be extremely bored but, nonetheless, respecting her wishes and cleaver blog ... here are the rules for those fortunate enough to be touched by 'the fickle finger of fate'. If tagged, link to the person who tagged you (that would be me), post the rules (name 8 things you didn't know about meme) and link to 8 other lucky bloggers. Carolyn, you're a 'sweetie' *...
  1. I must admit ~ I get my best sleep after my husband crawls out of bed in the AM to grind Starbucks French Roast for the morning brew and I can sprawl out, hogging the whole bed to myself ...
  2. I confess to ~ hording pocketfuls of peanut M&Ms in my nightshirt pocket and, once warm, nibble sinfully while reading a good novel in bed ...
  3. Music taste runs wild ~ Bob Dylan, Rachmaninoff, Nina Simone, Kronos Quartet, Diana Krall, Debussy, Jane Oliver, Django Reinhardt, Roy Orbison, Chopin, Don Shirley, Gershwin, Michael Nyman, Jimmy Durante ...
  4. Favorite pastime ~ loosing myself 'painting with plants' in the garden, creating memorable meals in the kitchen, hiding behind the lens of my camera, writing into the wee hours of the morning, precious moments shared with 'grandboys' ...
  5. A 'perfect' day ... morning 'prayerful' walks, family visiting the lake, scary go-cart rides through hilly white pine & cedar scented woods, bonfires, cross-country skiing, snow-shoeing, late-night suppers, sleeping beneath the roof with those I love ...
  6. A 'perfect' evening ... festive dinner parties with family and friends, moonlight nights at the lake (late suppers then sleeping in my creaking hammock on the screened porch , listening to the yodeling loons and watching lazy fishing boats troll by) ...
  7. Though of French decent, identify more with 'smidgens' of my Native American heritage.
  8. Costco addict!
(Now all will see ... why I am indeed a 'Ho-Hum Housewife' )
* Carolyn ... my grandfather was also a 'bootlegger' and spent 6 months in Fort Leavenworth!
"Good Sport' Tag Victims:


Anonymous said...

Thanks for my very first tag Joey!
I'm a little nervous but it sounds like fun! I loved your answers! Gx

Meems said...

Joey- your meme was a fun read. love your perfect days and evenings. i didn't realize you were actually tagging me (sorry) when you left the comment on my blog. i thought you were reminding me ewa had tagged me and i hadn't responded. now that seems like a silly thought. sigh

i'm a bit over-committed until after thanksgiving- but i will get to it as soon as i can... although i guess now i'll link back to both of you?

i love your blog... your photos... your recipes ... your writing. always a delight just to see what you have come up with.

i can imagine your thanksgiving will be quite beautiful and surrounded with your favorite people. have a happy one!

Old Folks Blog said...

Hi,I am new at this blogging so please give me time to understand all that is taking place,but for now I wish you all a very happy and loving Thanksgiving Day.
God Bless.

Old Folks Blog said...

I am a Vet,of two wars and retired Air Force,after 20 years of service.
2.I was a very abet roller rink person and won a trophy in a waltz contest.
3.Golf was my favorite sport along with Bowling and won several trophies in both.
4.I was in Jimmy Stewarts outfit
durning ww.11
5.I crossed the Pacific ocean 4 times.
6.I have been in,Okinawa,Pearl Harbor,Phillipines,Porchagul.
7.Flew as flight enginer in,B25,B26
and the 4 engine B24 bomber.
8.I am a florist by trade.
I will stop there on 8,but could go on.

Catherine said...

Oh my!! Tagged! :) I enjoyed reading your humble rambling's~as you put it...:) I'm just a ho~hum house~wife too...mine will be very dull!! But in the spirit of fun, I will play along! ~My first tag ever..:) I will have to give it some though firt though..THANKS for including me!
Always a treat visiting here Joey!
Have a great week!