Sunday, November 25, 2007

MORNING GIFT ~ "Good night moon!"

~ November 'Freezing moon' set
(Gashkadino-giizis ~ Ojibwe)


Old Folks Blog said...

1.I am a Yankie,born and raised in Jenkintown,Penna.
2.I only completed 7th grade in school.Had to quit during the depresion in 1936
and went to work on a bridge construction crew,to help my parents with food and rent.
made 21 dollars a week.
3.Bridge completed then went to work as a rose grower,seven large greenhouses and grew nothing but roses,wages were 25 dollars a week.
4.Went roller skating every Saturday night,had nice roller rinks back then,
5.Met a nice young lady one evening,taught her how to skate and we entered a waltz
contest and won a real nice trophy.
6.Worked my way up from a model A Ford,to a brand new 1941 Plymoth Club Coupe{only
2400.00 hundred dollars,with radio and heater}can you believe that?
7.All was going great in the prime of my life,could not have been any better,until the morning of December 7,1941 when the news came over my car radio,that Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor.
8.I took my girlfriend home, the next day{Monday}I enlisted in the United States Air Force and never saw my girlfriend or my nice new car again.

joey said...

Thank you for your brave and selfless sacrifice and sharing your poignant vignette. Where would be be today without our valiant veterans!

Catherine said...

Hello Joey! captured the full moon in the morning...beautiful!! I took some photo's of it Sunday night,But, your's are great images ~ you even captured the texture~crature's in that one shot!!~Fabulous!! :D
Have a great week!!

Kylee Baumle said...