Monday, June 16, 2008


"Garden making is creative work, just as much as painting or writing a poem. It is a personal expression of self, and individual conception of beauty. I should as soon think of asking a secretary to write my book, or the cook to assist in a water color painting, as to permit a gardener to plant or dig among my flowers."

~ Hannah Rion
(The Greatest Gift of a Garden)

"Gardener's work with an ever-receding ideal of perfection: no sooner is something growing well than they see how to place it better or give it a better neighbour. To other's eyes, all may look as well as could be expected, but a good gardener's eye sees more to be improved."
~ Robin Lane Fox


beckie said...

Joey, I like both of the quotes and had to smile at the truth of them. I tend to be that way...plant growing well, but could do or look better in another place:). I love what you do with your pictures! Really artistic. I get to looking at the composition of them and almost forget to enjoy the beauty of the blooms. Everything looks so lush and vibrant. I would love to see them as you have them in your garden.

Rose said...

A lovely pink rose. What I really like, though, is the contrast between all your blooms and the green foliage. So peaceful.
The last quote is so true--I'm always seeing something that should be moved or something that needs to be done in the garden.
Hope things are going well with you.

Catherine said...

Hi again Joey! I just couldn't stay away! Love both quotes!! :)
And all of your beautiful June flowers! Love love love the spiderwort! My astillbe's are just starting to bloom, coneflowers haven't bloomed yet!
And that is a gorgeous pink rose!
You are one busy lady!
I enjoyed the mid~June stroll through your lovely garden!

Unknown said...

Oooh... I so love your collages, Joey. I can only imagine how lovely your garden must look!

Very true on those quotes. And I'm going to keep the last one in mind as an excuse for why I keep moving things around in my yard. lol.

joey said...

Thanks Beckie. I love the quotes also. The garden looks lush because of plentiful rain. We have been blessed. Check out other posts 'As the Garden Grows' to see the miracle of spring and how the garden changes throughout the season.

Rose, the roses are simply a favorite old standard 'Carefree Beauty' shrub roses. Had hoped to label all but time eluded me. On the bottom right (Group 3) is a miniature white honey-scented 'Popcorn Rose'.

Dearest Cat ... love the June garden and especially astilbes, which seem very happy here. The coneflower is a 'cheat' a recent 'must have' called 'Big Sky Twilight'. After swearing not to, I also purchased another hosta 'June' that caught my eye (like I need more hosta). Please come visit for loads of spiderwort ... as much as I share, more seems to come back home.

Hi Kim ... though I'm enjoying my June garden, just can't keep up digging, dividing and MOVING. Why are we never satisfied ;)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos as always, my dear! I wish I had your talent. Yes, I want to "piddle" in my own garden. Just have a guy mow my side and front yard. (And wish I could eliminate that "grass" too!)

Unknown said...

I'm sure other people have said this to you, but you simply MUST get a book of your photos published. They are absolutely stunning. I particularly love the photo collages. I will be your author agent for a reasonable percentage of profits! ;)

joey said...

Thanks Brenda! So little time ... so much to accomplish! 'Piddling' in the garden is the best!

Dear Beth (author agent) ... that would be a dream! Thanks for your encouragement.