Monday, June 09, 2008


"Isn't she lovely
Isn't she wonderful
Isn't she precious
Less than one minute old ..."
~ Stevie Wonder
~ Oriental Poppy
(Papaver Orientale)

~ Watching you pop!


Gardener's note: A favorite subject for artists, Oriental poppy flowers are the focal point in the garden when in full bloom. Once 'the beauty', the vibrant plant goes dormant and homely (so don't think the spent plant has died). I do believe many have been pulled and discarded during this transition period.


beckie said...

Joey, Thanks! For the Pecan Balls with Fudge sauce. We are having out of town company in July andthis will be perfect to serve(and impress) as dessert. Of course I shall have to make it a time or two before to make sure I have it right.;) Your poppies are wonderful. I ove the pink ones and am hoping to get some to grow here.

beckie said...

By the way... married 40 years? You look way to young! We celebrated our 40th last Oct. My how time flies!!

Anonymous said...

Very, very beautiful.
Now I have that song by Stevie Wonder going around my head.

Rose said...

Lovely poppies; I don't have any in my garden, but it's another plant all the bloggers have convinced me to grow.

Congratulations on your 40th anniversary! Like Beckie, I think you certainly look too young for such a milestone. Glad you got to spend it at the Grand; that must have been a wonderful experience.

Hope all the power is restored for your family.

Amy said...

I would like to have poppies someday, but I'll have to dig a new bed if I want more plants! Maybe next year...

Love that first photo right into the heart of the poppy blossom. I think we're often so smitten by the colours of a flower's petals that we miss all the drama and loveliness that a closer look reveals.

joey said...

It's yummy, Beckie, especially licking my fork window-side in the Grand Hotel dining room. You can pretend you are there ... enjoy and thanks for the compliment. Happy Anniversary to you also!

Hi Karen! I hear you ... the song is still twirling in my head also!

You are a dear, Rose. My eldest son and husband's office are still out of power. Since both work together, the kitchen table is home base in between meetings. And ... I insist ... you MUST have poppies in your garden. Knowing how fragile both poppies and peonies are, I quickly shot several before leaving home on Friday ... both were battered when I returned.

Hello Amy! Next year will be fine and plenty of time for you to heal. Macros are lovely, aren't they? I'm always amazed and in awe at the beauty.

Mireille said...

Your photos are superbs, and your poppies too!
It seems, they blossom in the same time everywhere!
thanks for your visit to my blog, and have a nice day

Catherine said...

Beautiful poppies Joey, & your pictures of them are stunning!!
Happy 4oth anniverssary..:) Yep, you look way too young! What a grand hotel indeed!

joey said...

Thanks Mireille ... as were your poppy photos. Always enjoyable to see what is blooming in your garden so far away ... yet often similar.

You are too kind, Cat ;)