Monday, June 30, 2008


"How lucky I am to have something
that makes saying goodbye
so hard."
~Carol Sobieski and Thomas Meehan
( Annie)

"In searching my mother's garden
I found my own."
~ Alice Walker


Rose said...

I always hate to say goodbye to June, too. The little insect is obviously hesitant to leave his perch as well. The scenes from your garden are beautiful; this has to be a peaceful retreat for you.

Anonymous said...

Joey, I always look forward to your collages. What a gorgeous farewell to June!

beckie said...

Your garden is a delight! Such glorious plants and places to see. It is sad to see June go for now we know the heat of summer is upon us.

Anonymous said...

The photos are so lovely! And that quote: I'd never heard it. I think it made my day!

Catherine said...

A wonderful farewell to June! Beautiful quote's~I have always loved the Alice Walker quote! Beautiful captures too Joey, Love the iris~it is glistning! And your collage is lovely too...I Love the pic of that pretty swath of green path meandering through the hosta's and lovely plant's!~I'd love to walk that path! :)
Have a beautiful July, & a beautiful week!

joey said...

I love my garden, Rose. It's me painting with plants. I walk in the morning and again each evening, checking 'the good and the bad'.

Thanks Marysol. Collages are fun and give a good perspective of what is happy each week/month.

May and June are my favorite months in the garden, Beckie. July shouts and August begins to become 'bittersweet'.

Fun to find fitting quotes, Brenda. These seemed perfect to bid farewell to lovely June.

Thanks dear Cat. I can think of nothing lovelier than walking my garden with you ;) Perhaps someday ...

Anonymous said...

Lovely photographs - and one of my favorite quotes of Alice Walker.
Thank you
An Artist's Garden

joey said...

A lovely compliment coming from your gifted eye, Karen.

RURAL said...

A ho hum housewife? You are joking right. This is spectacular! Love the blog.
Adore the photos, especially the ones from June.