Friday, August 12, 2011


"I am the Rose of Sharon,
and the Lily of the Valleys."
- Song of Solomon 2. 1-17

Rose of Sharon
also called shrub althaea


Nutty Gnome said...

The Rose of Sharon is beautiful Joey - as are your photos!

I'm going to be making your Lemon Pasta with Roasted Shrimp for tea tonight as it sounds scrummy ....and I haven't got all day spare to make gazpachio!!! :D

imac said...

Now - there grows a beauty Joey.

Karen said...

Wonderful photos as always...I love the Rose of Sharon. I went back several posts and just drank in all of your lovely photos and mosaics. Perfection!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Hi Joey,

I haven't had Rose Of Sharon in many years but have been noticing them in other people's gardens lately. Such a beautiful display for this time of year when hardly any shrubs are blooming.


F Cameron said...

I adore Rose of Sharon! Your photos are always sublime.

I planted a 'Blue Satin' a few years ago because PW said it was deer resistant. For about 10 minutes I enjoyed gorgeous blooms, then the whole plant was eaten. :-(

Cassy said...

Very Biblical. The rose looks so pure and adorable.

Cassy from Guitar Made Easy

Carol said...

Dear Joey, You have captured the essence of this beauty PERFECTLY! Lovely late bloomer. ;>)

Kala said...

Beautiful photos Joey. This shrub always flowers in August here, as if to tell us that summer is far from over.

joey said...

Hugs, dear Liz, and thank you ... happy you enjoyed the lemon pasta. Shame on me ... with crazy life, my blogging graces are waning :)

An August favorite, imac. Thank you ...

Thank you, Karen. Wish I had more time to share all the beauty that from morning 'til night, amazes me.

Big and beautiful in many MI gardens, Eileen. I love this beauty whose flowers never cease to amaze.

Thanks Freda and so sorry about the deer dining :( Here at the lake this weekend, where deer abound, friends are amazed that I can grow hostas, a tasty 'deer treat'. Don't question, just happy that they are dining elsewhere!

Thank you, Cassy. Love this quote. perfect for this beautiful flower and use it each summer.

Thank you, Carol. So enjoy visiting you too ... this summer has been here/there/here/there ... and always a joy a moment to connect.

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

Do you know Oiseau bleu? a beauty.

Cher' Shots said...

Wow, beautiful.
'hugs from afar'

Rose said...

This is the loveliest Rose of Sharon I've ever seen, Joey! I loved all the collages on your last post, too. Looks like your garden is in its prime right now.

Pat said...

Sure are beauties.
Someone around here had a row of them for 2 years then they replaced them some other shrubs....can't figure that one out.

Linnea said...

Very lovely rose. It looks a bit different from the roses I see around here in NorCal. Your flower shots on your blog are stunningly beautiful! Thanks for stopping by at my blog. Enjoy the week.

Anonymous said...

So lovely! I miss my Rose of Sharon, hubby doesn't like how it seeded all over the lawn. Don't the Japanese beetles eat yours up?

joey said...

Yes I've seen Oiseau bleu, Rob, and it's a beauty.

Thanks Cher ... happy remains of Michigan August :)

Thank you, dear Rose. I love these double flowers too.

Hi Patsi and thanks. Hum, maybe they just grew tired of them. A row might be too much ... I like just one specimen plant. Mine is tree form.

Thank you Linnea ... loved your lake shots. Is that where you live?

Have never had either problem, Robin, but it does need heavy pruning.

Patrick's Garden said...

I just love the Rose of Sharon especially at this time of year when everything else appears on its last legs. Love the bible quote. Do you use the Quote Garden?