Saturday, August 16, 2008


~ Sunset meets Moonrise

( Miini-giizis - 'Berry Moon')
~ Ojibwe

"... I'm smart and at four know that the moon is not made of cake with frosting on the top like the stupid song I learned in kindergarten. Maybe green cheese? I see big lemon-green Swiss-like holes on its pocked marked face and wonder how it could be either. I'm glad its glowing face is yellow. It's my favorite color.

My father tucks me in between worn buffalo plaid flannel and kisses me goodnight; his salt and pepper mustache tickles. I like the red and black soft squares and grains of rough sand from the lake that I rub with my toes on the bottom sheet. Grey smells ooze through the old log cabin. The goodnight moon smiles through the wavy glass-paned window. I look into my father's soft steel-gray eyes and ask, "How did the moon follow me all the way from home?"
He grins wide as the world, shows his big white teeth, and says, "Because I tied a string around the moon and another around your finger so wherever you go, the moon will always be with you." I like that. My father knows how to do everything.

I close my eyes. My father cranks open the creaky window. The smell of brown earth and green forest blanket me. Golden moonbeams spill over my face. I sleep in Technicolor ..."

~ The Greatest Gift


The full moon rises shortly after sunset ...

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Mother Nature said...

I love your blog. I think we were all enjoying this beautiful moon. It looked red when it rose in my area. Your photos are so nice.

Anonymous said...

That is incredibly beautiful! It fills me with awe when someone can put words together like that and create magic.

joey said...

I'm delighted to meet you, Mother Nature! Thank you for your kind thoughts. Indeed the moon shines on all and, like you, wish that all might turn their heads to the heavens and hear the 'music of the night'.

Dear Brenda ... you always find lovely words that pour from your tender soul. This post speaks of the 'magic' of the moon since my father did indeed give this gift to me when I was four (an excerpt from my journal when I left home with my box of crayons for a weekend at the lake, I love.)

Rose said...

Breathtaking photo! I wonder why we humans have such a fascination with the moon.It seems that the moon is mentioned much more frequently in song and in poetry than the sun. Perhaps, unlike the sun, we can gaze at it, and it pulls us toward it as we watch in awe.
Beautiful writing--this is from your journal?

beckie said...

Joey, love the moon super-imposed on the sun. This is indeed a magical moon. Glowing slightly red just after it rises and turning into a crystal white light in the dark night. Enjoy the gift!

Jane O' said...

I love that story! I also had parents who would make up stories about the moon, mostly the "man in the moon," and then of course, I passed them on to my children. I didn't know about the green cheese thing until I was older.
I was reminded about the song, Lasso the Moon by Art Garfunkel:

If I had a lariat
Made of dreams come true
I would lasso the moon for you.

joey said...

Lovely thoughts, Rose. Perhaps man's fascination with the closest heavenly body reflects our mood here on Earth. This excerpt is part of an essay written a few years ago.

Thanks Beckie. I've been crazed with Moon madness (often teased about 'My Moon')ever since my father gave me the gift, long ago.

You are most kind, Jane Marie. With your creativity, you must be a wonderful mother. My Mother's gift of vivid storytelling is a huge reason why I write today.

Catherine said...

Magical capture Joey!
And beautifully written!
Wishing you a beautiful week!

joey said...

Hi dear Cat ... BIG thanks and BIG hugs. Wishing you a beautiful week also ( Your post today was awesome!)

Anonymous said...

What a terrific moon shot! I'm watching the Olympics so I give you a gold medal for that moon!