Wednesday, May 28, 2008




Gardener's Note: Spring flowering Bergenia has large handsome leaves and clusters of delicate flowers ranging from deep purplish pink to pale pink and occasionally white. Grown for their 'sawtoothed' edges as well as blossoms that remain attractive even after the flowers fade, bergenia thrives in full sun or partial shade. Useful as a slow spreading border plant, the huge cabbage-like foliage remains green throughout the year in southern regions and turns a handsome bronze in the fall in cold areas ~ a strong contrast for spring bulbs, ferns and wildflowers.


beckie said...

Your begenias are wonderful! Thank you for sharing with us.

joey said...

I wish everyone would try bergenia in the garden, Beckie. It's an amazing plant with subtle personality.

Jane O' said...

I don't have one bergenia. I'm going to have to get some next year. Love that color. I'm a sucker for a good deep pink.

Joey, I just noticed your burger recipe. I posted a gourmet recipe for one today. Sorry, I hope I didn't step on any toes.

Frances, said...

Hi Joey, glad to see your bergenia, maybe you can help me. We planted two last fall, the leaves were very reddish and huge. They were lovely all winter, and then turned green as the weather warmed. But no flowers! The plants were large when purchased and watered well. Do they take a while to settle in? I was hoping for blooms to add to the pretty winter leaves as they turned to green. Do I need to do something, feed them? Thanks for any ideas.
Frances at Faire Garden

Unknown said...

Ooooh... your bergenia flowers much more prettily than mine! But we're on the same page in regards to the bergenia. I wish more people would plant this beauty in their gardens, too.

joey said...

Throughout all seasons bergenia is a favorite, Jane Marie. Try it in drifts. (Everyone loves a good burger and your recipe looks great).

Frances, bergenia bloom here with spring tulips, etc. Their lovely green cabbage foliage turns burgundy in fall. They can be grown in full sun (here in Zone 5) or partial shade in average to rich well-drained soil. Try planting in drifts on hillside or as edging border. I have many areas planted with bergenia, some over 20 years old and still going strong (divide when clumps die out in middle). Good luck!

I remember your fun post on bergenia, Kim. Let's keep on promoting its beauty! I declare it 'a must'!