Tuesday, May 20, 2008


"I began to reflect on Nature's eagerness to sow life everywhere,
to fill the planet with it,
to crowd with it the earth, the air, and the seas.
Into every empty corner, into all forgotten things and nooks,
Nature struggles to pour life,
pouring life into the dead,
life into life itself.
That immense, overwhelming, relentless,
burning ardency of Nature for the stir of life!"


Anonymous said...

Wild ferns abound here in East Texas. They uncurl and unfurl like a flag and come up in every opening they can. Love the photo!

Gina said...

So beautiful watching the fronds uncurl.. you have a lovely range of colours there.. the silvery ferns with purple centres are unusual and pretty..also love the fern imprints :O) Gx

Anonymous said...

Hi Joey - Love the fern photos and the imprints. Did you create the imprints and if so, how?

I enjoy your photography and recipes so much. Your west Michigan friend, Sheila

joey said...

Brenda ... ferns, among the oldest plants on earth and virtually unchanged for millions of years, are my favorite plants. I remain in awe ...

Aren't Japanese Painted Ferns enchanting, Gina? Since I adore them, I have them interspersed throughout the gardens.

Hi Sheila ... big thanks. I'm crazy 'bout ferns! The imprints are from a favorite Oakland County Farmer's Market favorite Michigan haunt. Many more recipes to follow when my life calms down ...

beckie said...

Your ferns are gorgeous! They lend such a naturalness to a garden.

Rose said...

I love ferns! I have one lonely Japanese painted fern in my shade garden right now, but more are on my shopping list.
I really like the stones with fern imprints.

Ki said...

I love ferns but have had a difficult time growing maiden hair and rabbits foot ferns. Maybe they're not hardy? The cinnamon, Japnese painted and a wild fern do great but that about it for our garden. The unfurling leaves are as interesting as the fully formed ones. Lovely photos as usual.

joey said...

Welcome Beckie ... if I could only choose one plant in my garden, it would be the fern.

Rose ... your Japanese painted fern is an easy plant to divide and now is the hour! Next year you will welcome twins or triplets!

Maiden hair ferns thrive here, Ki. Hum ... wonder why not for you with your 'Green Thumb'!