Thursday, October 16, 2008


"For this place, this Leelanau Peninsula, a high place early surrounded by the Lake of Michigan, was fine terroir. The ice-ground rock made good soil for grapes, deep & well drained, lying in ridges,exposing the vines properly to the sun. And the Lake of Michigan tempered the climate making a good growing season - ripening the grapes not too much, not too little, but just right for fine wine."

~ Larry Mawby
(Ode to the Leelanau)

~ Autumn in Leelanau

~ L. Mawby vineyards


"Our goal has always been to produce the finest wines possible. We strive to make wines that express the unique soil and climate in which they grow, the personal attention they are given in vineyard and wine cellar, and the winegrower’s esthetic. Our wines are living things, raised with care, giving voice to our joie de vivre.We have produced estate grown and bottled Leelanau Peninsula wines since our first crush in the fall of 1978. Now we make entirely methode champenoise and cuve close method sparkling wines. Many wines are from our estate vineyards; however, we are producing wines from grapes purchased from other vineyards. Our current annual production is less than 8000 cases: this modest volume allows us the pleasure of winemaking in the style we enjoy - small lots made with minimal handling.All of our L. Mawby sparkling wines are made using the methode champenoise, and are aged in the bottle before disgorging, with many cuvees being given 3 or more years of tirage aging. Our M. Lawrence sparkling wines are produced in the cuve close method, are given less aging, and are less costly than the method champenoise sparkling wines."

" There comes a time in every woman's life

when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne."

~ Bette Davis

(from the movie Old Acquaintance)


Anonymous said...

Love the photo of the bottle in the hand! Your fall colors photos are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Such beautiful and inviting photos; makes me wish I'd get out more.

Joey, my dear friend, someone should seriously appoint you our Michigan Ambassadress.

Rose said...

Joey, Sorry I haven't been here for a few days; I've been busy and am trying to catch up on all the posts I've missed.

I mentioned before that we had visited some wineries in southwest Michigan; looks like the Traverse Bay area should be our next stop! Michigan has really developed into quite a wine country. I've enjoyed touring this are with you, except I couldn't quite enjoy the tastes from reading these posts:)

Beautiful photos; I will have to try the apple pear salad and the cinnamon French toast souffle--they sound delicious!

marmee said...

that quote is funny from betty davis. beautiful place.

joey said...

Thanks Nancy ... Mawby vineyard is a FUN place to visit. Heading north again to the cottage this weekend where autumn is at its peak.

You are so sweet Marysol! I do love our Michigan, especially UP NORTH and the villages and shorlines of the Great Lakes as well as inland lakes ... love woods and water ... (I think I have appointed myself 'Ambassadress'.

Hi Rose ... I hear you about catchin' up (it's almost 3 AM) but glad you're still on the bus! I do hope you get a chance to visit some day. I don't think you'd be disappointed!

I had hoped you'd like that quote, Marmee. I love champagne (guess I forgot to include that love) and Mawby has some wonderful sparkling wines (we always stop and get a case for the holidays).