Monday, October 06, 2008


~ Overlooking foggy Lake Michigan

~ Autumn gardens

A blend of Old World European and Indian cultures creates a memorable atmosphere. The entry foyer, tavern, game and dining rooms are all filled with an intriguing collection of nature and hand carved furniture -- whimsical creations made of tree stumps, twisted limbs and roots, driftwood sculptures and massive fieldstone fireplaces.


Sweet Home and Garden Carolina said...

Hey Joey,

Boy this brings back memories. My hubby was a friend of the owner's brother and we used to take the kids up there when they were young. It's a really cool place. I have many photos of my kids on the beautiful beaches there at Cross Village .

Each year we went we noticed that the shores were eroded quite a bit. I wonder how much beach is left where the cabins are.

Thanks for the memories!

joey said...

Hi Carolyn ... recently returned from our annual treck to the wine country, always stopping at Legs Inn as part of the journey. The place never changes, forever a treat. This past year has been a blessing for the Great Lakes since annual rainfall has significantly improved the water level. Glad you enjoyed the post ... more Michigan wonders to follow! Happy October ;)

Rose said...

We've been to Michigan many times, Joey, but I've never been to Cross Village. I've always wanted to go back to Mackinaw Island; this would make a great stop on our way.
Living in the middle of endless flat fields of corn and beans, I'm always drawn to large bodies of water. Lake Michigan is the closest "fix" for me:)

Cindy said...

This looks like someplace I definitely want to visit. I love the totem pole and was just yesterday contemplating carving an old tree stump that is outside. Like I have time to be doing that, yeah right. I can dream though.

Anonymous said...

Funny, I am from MI. and I've never seen or heard of Legs. Allow me to rephrase that, lest I leave some readers scratching their heads ;-Þ
I've never heard of Cross Village, and that's a shame because it seems like such an interesting place, somewhat like the MI. version of Fantasy Island [G]

Joey, last year, J and I decided to quit working weekends, and spend our new found freedom exploring MI. And boy, have we stumbled upon some picturesque little towns along the way.
It's no surprise I love your collages, which, btw, make a heck of an endorsement, so now, I'll have to check out this magical little village.

joey said...

You are right, Rose. Cross Village is on the way to Mackinac Island (hit Mackinac on the top of my blog and visit the gardens during lilac season ... you will put it on your list of must places to travel for sure ;)

Hi Cindy ... yes it's a great place and if indeed you do carve that tree stump, please take lots of photos ;)

Marysol ... where have you been all these years dear bloggin' friend? (What part of 'The Mitten' are you from?) Seriously, it is indeed a magical spot ... great sunsets over Lake Michigan!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Joey, I really want to visit the area. I'll contact you before I do so you can tell me what to see and where to eat.

I'm loving this Michigan series of post. I started on Oct 10th and I'm still here Oct11;)

I want to come back and see it all again. I think it should be compiled in a book. There is something about holding a book that makes it a treasure in your home.

joey said...

Thanks dear Anna and do hope you visit one day. I'd be delighted to help. More posts to come ... haven't hit the gorgeous Leelanau Peninsula yet (have more of from this area posted last April since it was declared Michigan wine month).