Monday, December 01, 2008


"God gave us our memories
so that we might have roses in December."

~ The gift


Roses and Lilacs said...

Excellent start to this winter morning. Snowing here, 5-inches so far.

I like your photo.

RURAL said...

Ahhhhhh. Great shot.


Anonymous said...

Your layered rose would make a wonderful gift. :) Happy December!

Gail said...

Wonderful photo Joey! I love the quote, too! Gail

Anonymous said...

Just the perfect post for today...I LOVE it!!! Kim

joey said...

Oh what a beautiful morning, Marnie ~ we woke to snow but melting rapidly. Thanks ;)

Thanks Gail ... I love the quote!

Happy December, Nancy! Perhaps my Christmas card ... I'm working on one.

Thank you, dear Jen ... as you can imagine, a fun photo to create.

Katarina said...

That's a lovley quote - and a great photo!

beckie said...

Joey, another wonderful photo! And so perfect for the quote. In the depths of a dark dreary winter, memories do thankfully provide a bright spot.

Anonymous said...

What a great effect! You must be having fun with your photo program today. ;)

Anonymous said...

This is lovely Joey - it would indeed make a beautiful card.

Sweet Home and Garden Carolina said...

Very creative, Joey. That would make an awesome christmas card. Thanks for adding your special touch to Garden Bloggers' Muse Day.

Brenda Pruitt said...

That is so beautiful!

Marysol said...

Joey, I love that picture as I've loved all others.
And when I look out my window, I see a similar tree, but no roses, yet.

C'mon over my dear, I have a little something for you.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely photo, Joey, to find this early morning--like a dreamscape!

Pat said...

Very wintery rose. Always loved black and white.
Have to you use a program like photo shop? Don't think I can do double exposure with a digital camera.

joey said...

Thanks Katarina ~ you're a dear!

Indeed they do, dear Beckie! Just got home from watching my 'grandboys' since my son was OOT and my daughter-in-law was teaching her night law school class (on her birthday) ... thought you would enjoy this cute question. My youngest (6) asked if my life as a child was in color or black & white and if I used leaves for toilet paper!

Thanks P.G. ~ yes, it was fun!

You are most kind, Karen. Your last post was stunning and card worthy also!

Thank you, 'Granny' Carolyn! Perhaps I will unless something better materilizes. Read above post to Beckie and see what lies in store for you down the road :)

Thanks sweet Brenda! Would you like some snow?

Keep lookin' Marysol! With your imaginative mind, you just never know. I'm popping over soon, dear!

Thanks dear Kathryn ... the first snow is magical (until it turns to slush)!

I have always loved the mood of black & white, Patsi, and, yes, I do head to the digital darkroom.

spookydragonfly said...

What a dreamy quality of your combined images...fitting of the quote! You are one creative person, Joey!