Sunday, December 21, 2008


“O, wind, if winter comes,
can spring be far behind?"
~ Percy Shelley
~ Hope lives within the sun
(Solstice sunset ~ Hubbard Lake)


Anonymous said...

Joey, A lovely prayer.
Solstice blessings

Anonymous said...

Cool picture Joey! How did you do that?

RURAL said...

Maybe it is all the snow, maybe it is the bitter cold. But this is a hard winter for us gardeners....

I love that prayer!


Anonymous said...

Hey Joey,

Last night I DID break out the vodka, put another log on the fire and enjoyed your Snow Storm Martini. MMMMMMM Good and Cozy!!

Here is a gift for you to cozy up to:

Snow Angel

Rim two martini glasses with coarse sugar
Fill shaker halfway with ice and add 2 ozs. each of chocolate vodka, white creme de cacao, Irish liqueur and l oz orange liqueur. Shake well, strain into prepared glasses and top with chocolate curls. Enjoy!

Stay warm;)

marmee said...

hope live within the sun, very nice quote. i need my share of sunshine for sure. love your image.
dear joey have yourself a merry little christmas!

Jan said...

hey joey...HOW, praytell, did you do this?????????????? jan

Pat said...

Good reminder !
Might have seeds to plant.
No sunshine here....just rain.
Enjoy the season.

Rose said...

Joey, I usually think of this quote from Shelley around February, but with the fierce winter weather we have had so far this December, I think we need to remember it now!

Love all your photos; Michigan does indeed look like a picture postcard. We have had more ice than snow lately. I wouldn't mind a little snow for Christmas, but most of all I hope everyone can travel to their destinations for Christmas.

Naturegirl said...

Beautiful haunting image of old man winter and today he is officially here!Man did he leave a blast here!

Linda Lunda said...

I hope you will have a ....

Marysol said...

I'm completely enthralled by this picture, or rather, art.
Best wishes for a very Happy Christmas, my friend.

Catherine said...

Love the Shelley quote! And love the photo~fantastic Joey!