Saturday, April 26, 2008


"How can one help shivering with delight when one's hot fingers close around the stem of a live flower, cool from the shade and stiff with newborn vigor."
~ Colette
~ Japanese - Saucer Magnolia
(Magnolia x Soulangiana)


Nancy J. Bond said...

Oh, wow. Magnolias are so gorgeous! Nice shots and nicely put together. :)

Jane O' said...

I love your collage.
The saucer magnolias are gorgeous today but with this wind we're having those blossoms won't last long. I love the pink carpet they create when the blossom settle around the base of the tree.

Marie said...

Magnolias are so gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Oh, Joey, SO nice to see these when I went back to my room after today's long long day! GLorious magnolias; the stellatas are starting to flower around here, but mine is sneezing and insisting it's going to wait a week or two more before it eve thinks about showing colour.

Heather BT said...

Howdy Joey!
Nice to see you today, as always, at work today. What fun it looks like you have with this blog. I envy your skill with both a camera and posting them on them blog. I have to wait for Bill to do it because I just can't do it from my Mac. I'll be turning Bill on to this blog for recipes for sure.
Mind if I link to this from my blog?
Heather BT from EG

Gina said...

Absolutely stunning Joey..yours looks like a really well established tree and just a mass of flowers, my poor tree seems to stay the same size every year..with just a handful of blooms..I'm pretty neglectful though..and it's probably in the wrong spot, too shady maybe?
Beautiful collage! :O) Gx

Katarina said...

Magnolias - they must be the prettiest flowers of them all!

Anonymous said...

I have one of these and let me tell you--it survived me moving it in the heat of summer. It got no water on new barren land for 4 months. I transplanted it last month and it bloomed graciously just recently. The only thing that has ever gotten it down was the deer. Until it is old enough that the deer can't reach the blooms, they will snip and eat them. Your photo collection is just stunning. Thank you.

Ki said...

You chose the best photo for the enlargement. Not the prettiest, and flawed because of the missing petal and fallen part in the bowl of the flower... but most interesting IMO. The small purple red parts also nicely complement the spent yellow brown stamens and pistil. Lovely.

Maggie said...

Joey, you stole my heart with this post. I love the magnolia flower and I love pink. Beautiful images once again !!!

Catherine said...

Beautiful shots, & beautifully composed! Gorgeous pink's against that breathtaking spring blue sky~doesn't get any prettier than that Joey! :)
Hope you enjoyed your weekend!

joey said...

Thank you, Nancy. Magnolias are a favorite for many ... a sure sigh of spring.

Jane Marie, you are so right. Seems like we always get heavy winds when both magnolias and cherry trees bloom ... looks like it's snowing petals!

Indeed they are, Marie, and lovely to photograph.

In some respects cool weather is wonderful, Jodi. Ours was too warm for a bit and everything popped too fast. Glad temps are a bit back to normal so I can enjoy instead of fast-forwarding this glorious spring we have waited so long for.

Dear Heather ... always a joy to see your friendly face at the garden center. You make shopping extra-fun. Did you recognize the pansies? Indeed you can link ... I would be honored.

Thanks Gina ... actually, it's my neighbor's tree that I enjoy also. I have been watching it bloom for over 30 years and loving it!

I agree, Katarina. Everyone should have magnolias near.

Good luck, Anna. Deer can be very hateful as can rabbits that are driving me crazy! Do have an especially lovely spring watching life bloom in your new garden.

Thanks Ki ... you are always most kind. I love that shot ...

What lovely words, Gardengirl. Thank you.

Huge compliment coming your discerning eye, dear Cat. *Hugs*