Wednesday, April 09, 2008


~ Early April
(as the garden grows)
Say, on the noon when the half-sunny hours told that April was nigh,
And I upgathered and cast forth the snow from the crocus-border,
Fashioned and furbished the soil into a summer-seeming order,
Glowing in gladsome faith that I quickened the year thereby.

~ Thomas Hardy


Catherine said...

Joey, another stunning mosaic..of your garden growing in early April!
Glad spring is finally able to put on its show for you! Gorgeous blooms and captures! My columbines
aren't blooming yet...what are the pretty little yellow~orange flowers
in squares 13,17 & 18..? I look forward to seeing your beautiful garden as it continues to grow!:)
That is a beautiful quote, I know you can relate to it~especially the half~sunny hours, & casting forth the snow from the crocus~boarder~~even though the chipmunk & squirrels only left you one! I know you are happy to see the snow go, & the flowers grow! :D
It has been lovely catching up as always Joey on all of your beautiful post's!!

Mireille said...

Beautiful collage...It's give me cheerfulness...thank you

Nancy J. Bond said...

This is such a beautiful mosaic! It is the epitome of s-p-r-i-n-g!

Sweet Home and Garden Carolina said...

Wonderful poetry to go along with your beautiful April collage.

Jane O' said...

The colors are beautiful. I wish my garden was in that colorful place right now.

Carol Soules said...

Beautiful! Those colors are wonderful!!
Sorry I have been missing in action. Thx for stopping by and leaving a comment. I've begun a new blog endeavor: chronicling Emily Dickinson's garden. Stop by and see post #1!

GMG said...

Hi Joey. Glad to land here again...
Beautiful mosaics and a great quote from GĂ©rard de Nerval!
Also loved the orchid serenade; they're awesome!
Finaly, the coconut cake drives me crazy; can't resist anything with coconut, and that ruins any diet attempt I make... ;))
Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, where you may now see the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao. Hope you enjoy it!
Have a great weekend!

Ki said...

What a nice profusion of color. Just the thing to chase the winter blues away.

bg_garden said...

I am honored that you visit my blog. I enjoy your photos and writing tremendously.
Thank you for your kind comments and continue to post your fabulous photos.

Happy Spring Garden Friend.
Bren - in zone 5

Carol Soules said...

you've been tagged by me! I am hoping to cross pollinate some of my art blog friends and garden blog friends !
Hope you'll "play."

Unknown said...

You've passed my spring by leaps and bounds, Joey! Beautiful. :)

joey said...

Thanks dear Cat ... Actually, the columbine are in pots, not in the bleak ground (though much green has popped since these were taken last week) as are the daffs and pansies. The pretty little yellow~orange flowers in squares
13, 17, & 18 are primrose, also in pots.

Always a joy to hear your kind words, Mireille :)

Thanks Nancy ... isn't it wonderous to finally see color (and it's coming your way)!

Although today is quite brisk, I think you have been sending lovely weather our way, Carolyn. Thanks for the gift!

Although I have primrose popping, Jane Marie, even these daffs are in pots on the front porch. But this past week has forced much forward as I'm sure it has in your garden. Yea ... Spring hits Michigan!

Thanks for blogtrotting over, Gil! You are on the go so much, a piece of coconut cake wouldn't have time to catch up!

At this rate, my garden will be catching up with yours, Ki! Thanks for visiting.

How kind, Bren. Thank you very much. I'll pop over for a visit soon.

Oh, Oh, Carol ... thanks for thinking of me. You must give me time since I'm running behind preparing plans for my sister to attend school for the blind in Kalamazoo, her dream and mine since her horrific bout of illness last August ... a long hard journey for all.

Hi Kim! As mentioned above, most of the color comes from pots not the ground although this week spring progressed quite rapidly. This week should tell a lovely story!