Thursday, April 03, 2008

NEW BEST FRIEND ~ 'PAPH' (The Slipper Orchid)

“When two friends understand each other totally,
the words are soft and strong like an orchid's perfume."
~ anon
~ Paphiopedilum
Gardener's Note: Paphiopedilums, one of the best orchids for home-growing, are Old World relatives of North American temperate-zone lady's-slipper orchids, the cypripediums. Slipper orchids provide some of the orchid kingdom's longest-lasting and most exotic blooms ~ lasting 8-10 weeks.


Nancy J. Bond said...

That really is stunning! Your photos are beautiful! Ladies Slippers are quite common here in Nova Scotia.

joey said...

Always a joy hearing from you, Nancy. Thank you.

Ki said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos of the Paph. The colors are incredible. I find this orchid to be very difficult to photograph but you've done a remarkably wonderful and artistic presentation.

I love the first photo. Tease us with a back photo first, then POW!

Katarina said...

Outstandingly beautiful! I only recently discovered the beauty of the Paphiopedilums....and I'm so glad I did! The colours of this!

joey said...

Thanks Ki ... love your humor! She's a beauty and I'm enjoying her immensely.

Orchids are charmers, Katarina, this one in particular.

Anonymous said...

How striking! And yet so delicate and intricate.

Rose said...

Amazing photographs, as always! I'm not an orchid person (I would surely kill them), but your photos make me want to go out and buy one.

Catherine said...

Joey, that is gorgeous and so are your captures of it!
Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Unknown said...

Wow... what a beauty! Like Ki, I marvel at your wonderful photography--great job showing her off, Joey.

(By the way, I giggle every time I visit your blog via a comment from another person's blog... because I see your profile page in between. "Ho-Hum Housewife?" I don't believe it!!!!)

GMG said...

Hi Joey, here I am for my weekly visit...
Having been born in Madeira Island, orchids are one of my favourites; and your pictures show why. Great shots! Shrimp salad? Always! April Fool's is also a great post!
Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter, where I’m still strolling around Bilbao. Look forward to reading you back there!
Have a great weekend!

joey said...

Thanks Brenda ... That's why they are fun to photograph.

Don't be afraid of orchids, Rose. They are remarkably hardy and though a bit pricey, the blooms last a long time. See above post for more info.

Thanks dear Cat ... do hope your weekend is wonderful also. Mine is delightful 'cause I've been working in the garden, mostly cleaning beds but life is popping up everywhere!

You're too funny, Kim. My kids dubbed me Ho-Hum many years ago. I loved it so much it became the title of my novel (Diary of a Ho-Hum Housewife, still editing but anxious to kick-out-the door.) Thanks for your kind words.

Always a delight to hear from you Gil. Your life sounds wonderful. I must bloghop over and catch up.