Monday, April 21, 2008


"Spring makes its own statement, so loud and clear that the gardener seems to be only one of the instruments, not the composer."
- Geoffrey B. Charlesworth
(Scilla siberica)

~ Rhapsody in blue

(A composition in irregular form)
Gardener's Note: Noteworthy as one of the first brave visitors poking its nose through the earth whose intense hint of true blue exerts a mysterious magnetism.


Amy said...

So gorgeous! Those are the best scilla photos I've seen. My mother recently gave me some of here and I hope they spread!

Lets Plant said...

Your pictures are remarkable!!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Beautiful -- I'm growing very partial to blue flowers since starting my daily stroll through Blotanical. :) Happy Earth Day, Joey.

Rose said...

What a beautiful shade of blue! A friend gave me something she called Siberian Iris, but the leaves look very similar to this. Unfortunately, although they are spreading and looking very green this year, they have never bloomed. I'm going to have to check these out and try to plant some more.

Ki said...

One of my favorite spring flowers. Very beautifully photographed esp. the enlarged one. The trouble I've had in trying to take macros of the flower is that invariably some parts get blurred because of the lens' depth of field. You seem to be able to keep most of the flower in focus. Kudos to you.

joey said...

Greetings Amy & Lets Plant ... delighted to see its lovely face, Siberian squill is one of my favorites and fun to photograph.

Nancy & Rose ... true blue is haunting and a color hard to find in flowers. This and the fact that it's brave heart is one of the first to poke its nose through the earth is probably why it remains a favorite for gardeners.

Thanks Ki ... you are doing extremely well in the macro department yourself. Your last parade of spring flowers was spectacular!

Gina said...

Beautiful plant, such a gorgeous shade of blue, not sure if it is available here, but will certainly look out for it.. your photos are stunning as usual Joey! ... and happy belated Earth Day :O) Gxx

Barbee' said...

I'll never forget the first time I saw some of these little bulbs. That blue! I fell in love.

Joey, thank you for being the first to pick my new post "Disclaimer". Your support and smiling face are much appreciated.

Keep the fab photos coming!

joey said...

Thanks Gina ... the color is enchanting and so welcoming. Wish you lived near and I could share!

Welcome Barbee and thank you ... I so enjoy viewing your beautiful gardens. You can count on more photos since my camera seems glued to my arm, especially during spring (summer, autumn & winter) ;)

Catherine said...

One of my favorite spring flowers Joey~I just love the true blue color of the little gem's! And you captured them beautifully! :)
I'm so happy Spring has finally shown up in your beautiful garden!
Hug's Bloggin Sis!