Friday, April 18, 2008


~ Beauteous pansy and sunset
The beauteous pansies rise
In purple, gold, and blue,
With tints of rainbow hue
Mocking the sunset skies.
~ Thomas John Ouseley
(The Angel of the Flowers)

~ Pansy portraits


Amy said...

Great pansy photos - they've been my favourite flower since childhood.

Anonymous said...

These are among my very favorite flowers and I always have an abundance of them in my garden. I remember so clearly what my Grandmother used to say, so charmingly, "They have the sweetest faces." xoxo

Maggie said...

I have always loved pansies. You know it's spring when you see the planters full of pansies arrive at the nursery. Beautiful photo's.

joey said...

Pansies have held my heart since childhood also, Amy. A must in my 'garden of memories'.

Dearest Kathryn...both 'grandboys' were present when I was shooting these pansies. "Mimi," they exclaimed, "they look like faces". "Yes," I answered, "and like snowflakes and people, no two are alike."

Thank you Gardengirl. Pansies are like ice cream. Almost everyone loves both and if they don't, I wonder!

Mark said...

Hi Joey,
The collections of flowers in your last few posts are spot on, I particually like the panies montage.It's amazing how different their faces are.

cheers Mark

Rose said...

I love the poem; you have a knack for finding just the right quote or poem to fit your subject!
I was going to ask you about the large photo, until I read the caption--that answered for me. What a stunning special effect!

Anonymous said...

Hello Joey! I love pansies too and, as always, your photos are beautiful!

I am glad your "grandboys" go into the garden with you. Both of my grandmothers lived in London, Ontario, where they had city bungalows on narrow, deep lots. Both had wonderful flower gardens and I spent many happy hours with both of them enjoying the fruits and flowers. I am 50 and the scents of certain flowers whisk me back in time. Your "grandboys" will always remember their time in the garden with you.

Your pal, Sheila from west Michigan

P.S. My special name for my mom was...."Mimi" of course!

Katarina said...

Pansies are so pretty! i just love them. Especially this time of year.

joey said...

Thanks for your kind words, Mark. An honor coming from you. Cheers!

It's fun when ideas *click*, Rose. Thank you for appreciating.

Hi pal Sheila! Thank you for the lovely words. My love for gardening stems from my mother's joy and big smile as she wiped beads of sweat from her freckled nose after a day in her garden. My children all love to garden so looks like we're doin' somethin' good! (All grandmothers on the maternal side of my family are called 'Mimi' ...)

I see spring has found you also, Katarina. Isn't it delightful after the long, hard winter!

Ki said...

Some shout, others smile. What a wonderful collection of pansy faces.

joey said...

Wonderfully put, Ki. Thanks.

Catherine said...

The angel of flowers~indeed! Love the poem, & the mosaic collage~fantastic! But the pic of the pansy & the sunset ~Joey, that is amazing!
Another beautiful post!!
Hope you have been enjoying working in the garden, by your lovely pic's & post's~it looks as if you have!