Sunday, May 30, 2010


"The patriot's blood is the seed of Freedom's tree."

~ Thomas Campbell



Anna Flowergardengirl said...

Happy Memorial day to you! Big hugs

Victoria said... super gorgeous Joey.. a lovely tribute!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Without realizing it, I actually put red, white and blue plus a light pink in my front concrete boxes. They look so patriotic. Have a wonderful Memorial Day!


Kala said...

Beautiful tribute Joey.

Rick said...

A lovely tribute for Memorial Day joey! So many great shots of your beautiful flowers.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute! With all those colours how lovely your garden must be!

Have a great week!

lindalou said...

Wonderful tribute and beautiful flowers. I so want to come see your garden. It's so beautiful that it doesn't seem real.

Got to go get my flag out.

imac said...

And what a way to celebrate.

Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Hi Joey, what a great theme for a collage. That candytuft is awesome. Is it raining up north? Well, we needed it.

Carol said...

As always Joey ... your collages are stunning. A lovely way to mark the day. ;>)

Wendy said...

A lovely memorial day tribute/collection.

Hope you had a good weekend!

joey said...

Do hope all enjoyed a wonderful long weekend. Am still out of town but will return home later today with time to visit. Thank you for all the lovely comments :)

What Karen Sees said...

Beautiful, beautiful images. I wish we could see each one up close and personal.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Joey. Beautiful. A wonderful tribute to Memorial Day.

Anonymous said...

Spent the weekend in Lansing for a wedding, and though it was hot, I noticed the blooms were behind ours. Enjoyed MSU's garden, the rose garden was absolutely delightful, the best I've ever seen!

joey said...

Dear Anna ~ catching up after 5-A+ days at the lake with, as you know, 14 cottage guests (family/friends). You and I are never far away. Know you enjoyed the holiday too (BIG HUGS).

Thanks, dear Kiki. Do hope your weekend was delightful.

You are dear, Kala, and thank you!

Thanks, Rick. Looks/sounds like your weekend was as awesome as mine!

Thank you, dear Kanak. I shared a message with you on your last post regarding a special houseguest, a dear friend of my daughter's (a surrogate daughter to me) from India, who was with us over this long weekend at the lake.

Too sweet, Lindalou ... you live close ... we will connect. Though in and out of town all summer, let me know if near.

Thanks imac ... :)

Hi dear, Monica. Now home, I see we need rain both at the lake and here. I did not recognize my garden that wears a whole new face since I left 5 days ago! My peonies were hit hard by what must have been a hard wind/rain so ran out and shot a few before they fade (new post of old peonies that grabs my heart). Tonight I might sleep for 12 hours after our 14 guests but tomorrow, it's 'HIT' the garden that misses me.

Thank you, Carol. Always a joy to connect, I too was much touched by your last stunning post.

Hi Karen. Thanks ... actually, most all 'up close and personal' of these shots are posted here on my blog.

Thank you, Wendy. Prayers are with you and tending friends too after reading your touching post.

Hi, dear Marnie! Do hope your weekend weather, even more than one could wish for, was as awesome as ours here in Michigan.

Thanks, Eileen. I created post before leaving for the past 5 days. Hard to comment on hubby's computer with 14 house guests, some vying for computer time :) So hope your weekend was delightful!

Hi Robin ... after this perfect Michigan weather weekend, we are catching up. I was stunned returning home after 5 days away ... my garden was a stranger! I nearly missed my old peonies (strong winds and pelting rain while away) though grabbed my camera to capture my 1st June post.