Monday, May 24, 2010


"The best fertilizer is the gardener's shadow."
~ Author Unknown







Bleeding Heart (Dicentra spectabilis 'Gold Heart')







(Allium, Ostrich ferns, exbury azalea, hosta, Lady's Mantle, Daylilies)


sweetbay said...

Your garden is glorious! Such a beautiful layout. I love your Hosta and Rhododendron collection, and your photography is stellar.

Rothschild Orchid said...

Such beautiful images. The azaleas are heavenly!

RO xxx

F Cameron said...

Joey -

Your garden looks like a magazine shoot! WOW! I'm just stunned by the glory and beauty.


Scott Law said...

That seemed more like a maxi tour. Really great. You do such a super job of first, taking such great photos of your garden, and then the amazing way you display them on your blog. What a talent. Oh, and that is after you created the garden. I am literally awestruck.

RURAL said...

Joey, the weather might be making the flowers fast forward. But those gorgeous photos will slow down everyone who sees them. Stunning details, and gorgeous layout.

Thanks, you have made my day.


Monica the Garden Faerie said...

Good gravy, grrrl, you have a ton going on in the garden. And you're right--it looks really different from a few weeks ago! Love the Exbury azaleas. SOMEONE hit of the clyx of one of my Jacks (the one I thought was a trillium)--what are plants there for animals? (Oh, wait. They are!) And aren't Ligularia the best? A fun name, cool serrated leaf margins, and nice flowers. W00t!

Gatsbys Gardens said...

You have been a very busy girl taking all of those gorgeous pictures. I have never seen a double hibiscus. Your rock garden is wonderful, hostas, ferns ----


imac said...

I love your (so many) beautiful flower posts.Love the colours.

Chad said...

I don't know how you type. After pulling all those weeds you must have little nubs for fingers. I know how busy my yard keeps me,you must be going all the time. Beautiful yard and great photos.

lindalou said...

I have to agree with another comment...this looks like a layout for a magazine. Your garden is just magnificent. I can't believe it's real.

Unknown said...

Joey, I am falling HARD for that lovely rock garden! Only you could make a rock garden look so lush and full... it's a gorgeous plant tapestry.

Rob (ourfrenchgarden) said...

What a pleasure it must be to sit in your garden.

An absolute treat.

Flowers said...

A stunning photo of beautiful flowers. Thanks so much for posting these incredible delights of nature.

Gail said...

Joey, Your garden is my dream garden~lush and magical. Sigh. gail

joey said...

Welcome Sweet Bay and thank you. It's a much loved old garden, 35 years in the making. Hosta, one of the first perennials I fell in love with, rules along with the awesome color of spring Rhododendron and azaleas, a must for me with spring bulbs and wildflowers.

Thanks RO ... my spring would not be complete without heavenly azaleas!

Welcome home, Cameron, and big thanks. Isn't May grand! One of the most beautiful months in Michigan.

Gee, thanks Scott. My garden is a labor of love, fun designing and fun photographing.

How lovely, dear Jen! Actually, these gardens are in the back. The front of the house is subtle and quiet.

See, I told you, Monica! Especially this time of year, from morning to night, the garden changes ... luv it! I l adore ligularia and I found myself a new beauty (fell in love with the foliage ... deep purple green resembling ivy leaves) last Sat at the Farmer's Market (Ligularia 'Osiris Fantaisle').

Right on, Eileen. I have been a busy girl with much left to do. As you well know with your lovely garden, a gardener's garden is never done!

Thanks imac ... I can't believe you are kind enough to keep up while on your awesome trip!

I do have little nubs for fingers, Chad :) Thanks.

Aw, thanks Lindalou. You live near and have an open invitation to visit anytime. Enjoying this heatwave? Too hot for me but it beats snow :)

With your keen eye, delighted you approve, Kim! Thank you dear Queen of Companion Plants :) It's hard to believe but when we moved here 35 years ago, American Elms ruled the yard and we had no sun, could barely grow grass on the little hill. Unfortunately, we lost 8 huge elms due to Dutch Elm Disease ... that is when the gardens began.

Thanks Rob ... as sitting in your garden must be! I just left viewing your lovely estate ... my head is still there!

Thank you for visiting and the lovely comment, Flowers.

joey said...

Whoops, Gail ... ships passing as we both posted! Thanks dear gardening friend. A huge compliment from a Gardening & Photo Queen!

Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Wow Joey! I got lost in your fantastic collages! So many beauties in your garden, and you are a great photographer! I am going back to your images...

Curbstone Valley Farm said...

Goodness! I'd be thrilled to have enough to show off for one mosaic! Absolutely stunning. That bearded iris is a knockout!

Unknown said...

Joey, I wish I could spend hours wandering your gardens. This post will just have to suffice. :o) Beautiful shots and amazing flowers!

joey said...

Hello, Tatyana, and thank you ... a lovely compliment since I so admire your photography also.

Thanks Clare ... I do have lots, don't I! I can't even begin to photograph all that is blooming :) This time of year, after the long winter rest, the garden explodes!

Hi Krista. That is so sweet ... thanks, my iguana friend :)

Diana Studer said...

Tomorrow I plant to do my May flowers post, following in your footsteps here. On the days when I look at the garden, and think, so much needs doing, we'll never get anywhere - then I look back on the digital history and cheer up again.

kanak7 said...

Hi Joey, what a joy to see your flower photos! Your garden looks gorgeous and your photography is amazing!! The azaleas and!

Have a great gardening week!!


Anonymous said...

Are all these your flowers and in bloom now? Wow.

We are having some delightful weather here today. I have been out for a brief period and sat in a chair and listened to the birds singing and the mother robin scolding her baby about going there or here. The hummingbird popped in on me and left before I could really get a good look. I find I can fall asleep at the drop of a hat and it feels so good to wake up and realize it is still daylight. Your flowers are beautiful. I have some open but not much variety yet.

Naturegirl said...

Joey your garden speaks of a lush colorful creative garden! What a wonderous connection to nature!So many varities so much many inspiring mosaics! Thank you for taking the time to create,show and share! Have a beautiful day in your glorious garden!

Carol said...

Wow! Joey what a treat to see so many flowers!! I love the beauty and charm of your garden... the hostas are outstanding! The scene with the chair and sculpture look so idyllic. Lovely!! Your photos as always are just wonderful.

lindalou said...

I had to come over and tell you that I loved your Sacagawea and Katharine Hepburn comment on my question of the week post. Hysterical!

joey said...

So true of a gardener, Elephant Eye. Are we ever content? I think not ... spring dreams of our garden are autumns wishes for the next spring to correct or simply refine. What you have accomplished is amazing ... it's great fun to visit your garden and see/hear the differentness and sameness of a gardener's joy/lament :)

I'm delighted to see you back, Kanak, and thank you. My heart is with yours and your loss. ((Hugs))

I am so honored to hear from you, Abe, after your scary stink in the hospital. Delighted to see you up and about. Yes, this is my garden and I am sending you a bouquet of healing prayers and hugs.

Honored, Naturegirl, by your lovely comment. Wishing you, too, a glorious day in the garden.

Thanks, Carol, for the inspiring visit. Your piece of heaven is also amazing and idyllic.

You are so cute, Lindalou ... I laughed myself but the more I thought of it, couldn't piece two better faces/features/heads/hearts together ... a bit yin/yang and me :)

Victoria said...

Dazzling and Gorgeous mosaics! The Beared iris..spectacular!

Rug Repair said...

I was totally captivated by the sheer beauty of those photographs. Thank you for giving as a tour in your lovely garden.

Garden Lily said...

Your garden is wonderful, and your mosaic arrangements are amazing - I agree that they look like garden magazine photo shoots. I have used the Mosaic Maker at Big Huge Labs, but you seem to have found an even better tool - or do you rough it in Photoshop?

joey said...

Thanks, dear Kiki ... I love bearded iris!

Welcome Rug Repair and thank you for the lovely comment.

Forgive me, Garden Lilly, I have been away and catching up. Thank you for the kind comment ... have never tried Mosaic Maker but find Picasa an easy tool for creating a collage.