Friday, May 28, 2010


"Beauty is not the face; beauty is a light in the heart."

Khalil Gibran

(Papaver orientale)

'Light of the heart'


Tatyana@MySecretGarden said...

Oh, how I love poppies! Beautiful collage Joey and great individual images! Love the color too.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Good morning, Joey. I love your poppy. I got one last year, Allegro, the photo showed a lovely deep red. NOT. It's orange :0

Chad said...

You never fail to disapoint another great set of floral photos.

Scott Law said...

Well your photos certainly put some light in my heart. Again and again you create a wonderful place to come and put a smile on my face. Thank you.

Gatsbys Gardens said...

Wow, this is a poppy - the color. I have not had poppies since my last home. I am going to have to find a small space for some.


imac said...

Beautiful collection as always, that 1st one should be mounted and on your wall.

F Cameron said...

Love the color and size of that poppy! Wonderful!

Chad said...

Scott came to work laughing at my comment. I guess I did phrase it a little wrong. Every time I visit your blog you have grat pictures waiting.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous poppies, Joey... and I adore the Gibran quote! That's one of his I had not heard before, and it's so true. :)

marmee said...

i love this colour poppy. this is my second year attempting to grow some so we will see.
also loved the peony from the post before.
happy may.

Rick said...

I'm running out of words to comment on your beautiful flower shots. Now, where did I put that thesaurus ?

Ok, how about stunning!

Victoria said...

What a sweet spotlight on such a fabulous flower..LOVE IT!!
Gorgeous color too!

Anonymous said...

Your collage is incredibly beautiful!

joey said...

Sorry for delay, Tatyana, but have been away. Sad to see these beloved poppies, a garden favorite, are waning and must wait another year for their return.

I so love this poppy, Marnie, and sigh with delight the day the first poppy POPS!

Thanks Chad ... wow, just came back from admiring much that I missed being away! Sounds like you 2 friends enjoy a fun/humorous life together!

Hi Scott and big thanks. You paint a smile on my face each time you visit :)

Do hope you can find a home for this poppy, Eileen. Though short lived, it never disappoints.

it's a beauty, Cameron. Have you ever grown 'eye popping' oriental poppies?

Thanks imac ... love the leader photo too. Aren't photographers taught to begin with the best?

You are always a dear, Kim, and thanks!

These are 2 'all-time' favorites in my garden, Marmee. I sigh thinking I must wait another year for their arrival, especially when retuning from 5 days at the lake, Scarlett's blooms had vanished.

Too funny, Rick ... keep looking :)

Thanks, dear soulful Kiki!

Hello, dear Kanak. Wouldn't it be a joy to visit each other's gardens!